Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Favorite Hair, Body, & Face Products

If you're reading this, you survived the Mayan Apocalypse!! Yay for you! But on a serious note, we find ourselves at the end of another calender year and it's a time to reflect, and a time to grow! I always say, make each day better than the last so lets make next year better than this one. Looking back over the past year, I went through a lot of changes and started caring more about the ingredients that were in the products I was using. I sort of experienced my quarter life crisis!

The following are my favorite products from 2012 that survived my first purging of my more "toxic" products! In the new year I will have plenty of product reviews for you all as I racked up on natural hair products during Black Friday and for Christmas; I have also been looking into more natural body and facial products to test out. If you have any suggestions of "natural" chemical free products, or brands you can suggest for the categories below, please leave a comment and let me know! I love trying and testing out new products!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Glam bag favorites

What a year 2012 has been! There are so many subscription services out there that I feel the originals must really stay on top of their service and continue to wow their subscribers or be replaced! As far as beauty subscriptions, I have been a subscriber of My glam bag, which is now known as ipsy, from the beginning. January 2012 was my first bag and I was very impressed! Pictured you see 10 of the bags from the past year because one bag broke on me and the other had spilled powder in it and I'm a neat freak so it had to go. The following are my favorites from the past year as well as some buzz worthy products that I have not tried but plan to do so and I think you all might like them as well. These products will have an asterisk (*) next to them. Hope my year in review presents new products you may not be aware of as much of them were new to me until I received the monthly glam bag. The subscription is $10 a month; you receive a cute makeup bag with 5-6 products. For more information please visit

Monday, December 3, 2012

November Ipsy glam bag Review!

You're invited... To a season of soirees with ipsy.. beauty by you! That was this month's theme and I couldn't have been happier with the products that were included this month! Get ready to be "Party Perfect" with the November Glam Bag.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip gloss
-I like this gloss and it wasn't too sticky or drying. It gives the lips a nice light hint of color but would look great if worn over a dark wine colored lipstick for added drama. I chose to wear it alone for a more natural look.

November curlBox Review

Curl-friends!! So sorry for the delay of this review! Holiday season is pretty busy with family and shopping and planning events! Any who I have had the opportunity to use the products that were included in this month's curlBox and I hope my review will be of some help to someone!! November's theme was "More Moisture" say sayonara to dry tresses & hello to super sexy soft hair!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update/Results from 10 day Juice Fast

If you're not following me on instagram (BesosFeron) you're missing out on up to the minute updates on my juice fast and weight loss journey! I initially wanted to fast for 30 days and then see if I could continue on for 60 but, I experienced horrible break outs!! They first began on one side of my face then began to spread all over it. Next my neck, my chest, shoulders and stomach started to break out in huge redish pink bumps that remind you of the chicken pox. My only conclusion was my body was experiencing a negative reaction to the juice fast so I broke the fast by eating an apple!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Perfectly Posh Review

I am so very happy to have had the opportunity to review this fairly new beauty line of products that are cruelty free and contain no parabens, phtalates, synthetic fragrances, nor paraffins. Simply pure, natural pampering products with plenty of vegan options. The beauty line is called Perfectly Posh and here is a brief description about the company:

Perfectly Posh proudly offers Purely Pampering Products. We carefully select the lines, fragrances, and ingredients we offer you to let you indulge your body and mind. Whether you have a day to enjoy or just a few minutes, we give you products that you can be proud to wear and to share.
We are made from the very best ingredients on earth. From luxurious Shea and cocoa butters, to indulgent and nourishing oils, vitamins, and more - you can be sure that our products are the highest-quality formulations you can find. Find peace of mind knowing:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What to know before & during your juice fast

I've been fasting for 4 days now and I am beginning to get the hang of it. Each day is a little easier than the last. There are some things I wished I knew prior to beginning my fast and I'd like to share them with you all as well as some tips I've picked up on.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Natural hair styles year 1

Ah..finally another natural hair post!! Specifically, my hair! This is a collection of the various styles I wore during my first year of being natural! Maybe they'll help inspire you to try one of them!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reboot Juicing Challenge

This Monday, November 12 I will begin my Reboot! Now, I'm sure you are wondering what a "Reboot" is so I am happy to give you all the details and share what I've discovered.

A Reboot a juice cleansing/fast, or detox where you only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice (and water) that you make yourself with a juicer or some sort of juice extractor. A Reboot can last anywhere from 5 days, 10 days, or longer. As seen in the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Joe Cross did a Reboot for 60 days and lost over 80 pounds. There are various Reboot plans and you can follow that incorporate all juice, meal replacement with a juice, or any combination of juice and food. Check out the plans at the following link:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Balding? Hair Loss? Stubborn hair that won't grow?

Over the past 2 months, I have been applying my hair research to trying to "reverse" balding or hair loss for my father. He is 65 years young and has had a bald spot in the back of his head for as long as I can remember. I noticed it was becoming worse so I wanted to see if I could grow back his hair! The picture on the left was taken about 2 months ago, maybe more and the one on the right was taken this Saturday, November 3. The key to his progress was one part products, and two parts consistency. Here's what we did to achieve these great results and I'm sure they will work for you as well!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Great Ingredient Debate

Have you ever looked on the side of a Shea Moisture bottle and read the long list of ingredients that it does not contain? Have you ever wondered why? And what is the deal with these items?

Naturalistas can agree on one thing and that is to listen to your hair! If you hair likes it, go with it. But what if the ingredients in the long run are causing harm to you or have the potential to cause you harm? This is what concerns me with all of the man-made chemicals. I would also like to state I am in no way trying to push my new 'as close to natural as possible' life style on you but rather I would like to inform you. Knowledge is power and until I began my research, I was in the dark. My future product reviews will be very different from here on out showing you natural, and healthier alternatives. All sites will be posted so you can view the full article for yourself. First, the ingredients that can be harmful to your health are Parabens, Phthalates, and Propylene Glycol.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Natural hair and total body health??

The topic of this blog was suggested by my good friend and fellow curly Gabrielle! What she is saying makes a lot of sense and I would love to hear you alls opinions! I'll add my opinion to her topic at the end. Here is what she had to say:

I am ALL for the "natural hair movement" or whatever we are calling it these days. lol. Why aren't we as black women, focusing or using the natural hair platform to discuss topics such as prevention and health. We are the group of women that share a common bond due to the uniqueness of our hair. We are also the women that share a bond of being at high 
risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer and AIDS/HIV. If we take better of care of the "temple" in entirety, the hair growth will come (and a bonus: we will be better educated). I love that we as black women are accepting ourselves just as we are but we've got to start taking better care of ourselves too!! A gorgeous head of hair, with type II diabetes... makes no sense to me. If we can put the effort in our hair, why not our bodies and minds. Ok, I'm done. lol. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How going natural has changed me!

According to a very popular song by India Arie... I am not my hair. Well, our hair is apart of us and our moods can be affected by how our hair looks. I remember before I decided to go on my healthy hair journey, which resulted in me going natural, I felt so ashamed, ugly, depressed. I didn’t like myself and I was in a very dark place. I’ve struggled with self-love for many years but it was at an all time low when my hair was at its worst state. You all have seen the picture; it’s so embarrassing I can’t believe I’ve shared it so openly. If you need a reminder, here it is below.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Protective Styling Challenge

Winter is coming and I have just perfected my current regimen after a year of trial and error that I’m not ready to tweak it for winter! I’m not sure where to begin. I know the best thing to do during the winter cold months is to do protective styling to protect your hair, especially your ends, from the harsh wind and elements. What better way to take advantage of getting a ‘break’ from doing my hair and keep my hair protected during the cold months than to make a challenge out of it! I posted the following picture on instagram and facebook inquiring to see if anyone else is interested in keeping their hair in a protective style from November 1 to March 1! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Senegalese Twists

I've been hinting at getting a winter protective style but I never said what I was getting done lol well.. for all my instagram followers (BesosFeron) you have seen my Senegalese twists!! I hope to keep them up for 6-8 weeks which will be right at two months! I got them long, very long! They are waist length and I told her to do them pretty thick!

How I prepped my hair
-Knowing that having a braid/twist style can be helpful and harmful to my hair I did my research on how to have a successful protective style. Before doing any braid style, your hair needs to be in its healthiest and strongest state. Sunday, I did a protein treatment on my hair as well as a hot oil

Palmer's, Garnier, Aphogee, & Roots of Nature Review

My naturalversary week has been a very busy, product testing heavy week! I've had my hair blown out, then straightened and now has been twisted up! These six products were used over the past few days and I hope you all can find my review helpful for your specific needs!!

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula deep conditioning Protein Pack
-Claims to restore and replenish dry, damaged hair with coconut milk, keratin and silk protein. I applied the protein pack to my hair after finishing a hot oil treatment and sat with it in my hair under my steamer for 40 min. My hair felt better than it usually does from steaming my hair! This could be due to

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How I straightened my natural hair!

Yesterday I celebrated my 1 year naturalversary by doing a blow out and rocking my fierce fro! I knew I wanted to straighten my hair but I didn't want to use a lot of heat on it on the same day so I split the process between 2 days. I am very happy and pleased with my results and can't believe I did it myself! I've only tried to straightened my hair once during the past year and it was an epic fail! Taking on this task was very intimidating so I did my research to see what other naturals do and I would like to share with you all my process of going from stretched out, textured hair to smooth and silky straight hair! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/12 Naturalversary

I remember it like it was yesterday.. it was Saturday afternoon and I was sitting in my room getting ready to un-braid my plats. I had been transitioning for almost 7 months now and I was getting ready for my weekly wash. My current transitioning style was to keep my hair flat braided back underneath a wig or half wig. This was my favorite protective style because at the time, I was a full time grad student and also working so my hair was not on my priority list.

As I began to take the braids out, I noticed my hair was extremely matted, tangled, and felt like it was knotting up! I was so frustrated because until now, I had never had a problem like this with my hair. I had thought about doing the big chop several times before now but I couldn't bring myself to do it; I would always talk myself out of it. I really wanted to go a year before doing the big chop. Without really giving it much thought, I found some scissors and began clipping. When I was done, I was like wow I really did it. I felt so liberated and fearless! I know I'm all about the theatrics but I felt different, like a new me. It's hard to explain but I did. The next thing I did was called my and sent pictures to all my girls who I had impulsively texted "I'm sick of the two textures, I'm doing the big chop"!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October curlBox Overview

Let me just begin by saying... every time I think it can't get any better, it does!! Wow! Curl box has outdone themselves again. The theme for this month's box was a "get fresh prescription for fall." All of the products were new to me except the Dr. Miracles Conditioner. It's funny because I just gifted it to make room for new products and now it has returned! I haven't sampled or used the majority of the products but I wanted to share with you all what was included this month and you better believe it I will get around to doing a review of the products I haven't used before. 

October Ipsy Glam Bag

The theme for the October glam bag is "Hello, bombshell". The products this month really help you to create a typical 'bombshell' look such as smokey eyes, dark eyeliner, full lashes, and big voluptuous lips! The products included this month are:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Senica & Herbal Essences Product Review

As posted on Instagram (BesosFeron) I have a lot of product reviews for you all!! Originally, this was only going to be a review on the Senica Senk shampoo bar and the Herbal Essences Honey I'm strong conditioner but I decided to give you all a bonus and try a few more products!!

Starting from left to right, I'll give a brief spill on the products whether I loved or hated them with the review on the shampoo bar and honey I'm strong at the end.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Embracing diversity of Natural Hair

I sometimes feel like the big blogs or youtubers that do reviews all have super long gorgeous 'perfect' hair or all of their hair textures are very similar!! Well.. I wanted to profile 3 very different curl-friends who all are participating in the KCCM Fall Castor oil challenge thanks to me *dusts shoulders off* and give you all a look at their current lengths, regimens, goals, and challenges. Highlight the issues, struggles, and rawness of being natural because we know we have our days! And to show how *patience* and a consistent regimen (using Castor oil in this case) can be a world of difference!

They each have different hair textures,and lengths from TWA to APL, are at different points in their journey, and have different problem areas and struggles but all have a common goal of healthier hair from using Castor oil There will be a follow up with the ladies after the challenge is over to see their progress and what has changed.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Got Product Reviews?!!

This maybe my month long celebration of being 1 year natural but, that doesn't mean I can't do a product review here and there! I have been doing some "hauling" lately for new products in preparation of using heat on my hair as well as getting a 'braid-like' protective style!! I purchased some heat-protecting products which I've never had a use for and a protein treatment to do before the 'braid' style is done! I don't want to say what I'm having done yet... It's a surprise yay ^_^ Anywho, the picture is a collage of what product reviews you can expect from me in the coming weeks!!

To get things started, I'll be shampooing my hair this Sunday with the Senk Shampoo Bar, which was in the September Curlbox, and I will condition with the Herbal Essence Honey, I'm Strong strengthening conditioner!! Super excited to try these products for you all and will post a review after I've used them!!

The picture does not show every product I'll be doing a review on but rather it's a collection of recently purchased products I'd like to test out. Hope the reviews to come can help you all on making your product selections!!!

Besos, Feron   

Sunday, September 30, 2012

#FunNatural Protective Styling

If you follow XoXo-Ambrosia on YouTube, you know she always says be a #FunNatural and not afraid to step outside of the box or the unspoken "rules" that Naturals are to go by which I guess I didn't get the memo.. well I know along my journey I have read, seen, and heard somethings that were well.. just extra!! At the end of the day, it is just hair and I say embrace it. Don't knock someone for wanting to do protective styling with wigs, braids, or extensions. I'm sure they know what they are doing and are taking good care of their hair. This the basis behind her being a fun natural. Also, don't be afraid to experiment. If you want to color your hair, do it. If you want to cut it, do it. If you choose to use shampoos with sulfates, which I do use Treseme' naturals w lower sulfates, then do it. What ever you do, do it for you and what works best for you!! 

Whipped Shea Butter!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are you ready for October!!

October posts will all be themed around my "natural hair journey" look for such posts as my transitioning journey, how being natural has changed me, and what I've learned along the way! Not to mention 3 giveaways, 3 prizes, 3 chances to win!! Must be a member following "publicly" to be eligible!! Rules & what the prizes are will be posted first thing on Monday so good luck!!

Besos, Feron

September Curlbox Review

*If you're unfamiliar with Curlbox, please see my August Curlbox review*
The September Culrbox had the theme of "Fighting Frizz and Tangles" which was evident by the products that were included. This month there were 9 different varieties of Curlboxes that you could have received. The following are the products that were included in my box as well as mini reviews on the products I've tested out :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Galaxy Nails & Earrings

Yes, you read the title correctly!! Not only did I give the latest trend in nails a try, but I translated it to a pair of earrings that I REmixed!! If you follow the blog account on instagram (BesosFeron) then you have seen a few of my REmixed pieces! A full blog post on all of my creations is still to come!

So, how did I do it: Starting with a dark base color, I used black for both, I then picked three colors I wanted to use to mimic the galaxy. I used a makeup wedge sponge to apply each color one by one, starting with the lime green color, then onto the light moss green, followed by the very vivid fuchsia. You're going to want to blend these colors and apply them in a circular or swooping motion, the idea is for it to look like different colors blending together as if you're flying through space! Here is a visual to help you see how to apply the colors!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

As I Am Coconut CoWash Review

Any conditioner can be used as a Co-wash... but for me I need my hair to be *clean* I need that clean feeling. I use a shampoo with sulfate because my scalp needs to be cleaned well. The shampoo I use on a regular is Tresseme' Naturals with lower sulfates. It does not strip my hair at all and I absolutely love it. So if you ask me do I co-wash I will tell you no in a heartbeat! Well... I can't say that anymore. I have found a product that is a true cleansing conditioner that cleans my hair and scalp leaving a nice clean feeling without stripping or needing to follow up with an extra step of conditioning my hair. I know I'm late on testing out this product line but I can say I'm not a product junkie. The only time I venture out to new products is when I have a true need for them or the benefits of using them are too great to over look. So I finally got my hands on the As I Am Coconut Co-wash!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Entwine Couture Audition Kit Review

You read my first impressions, now onto the review!! First I'll tell how I used each product, then I'll go into a brief breakdown of each product!

On freshly co-washed hair, I began by moisturizing my hair using the Exotique Butter-Creme Hydrator and concentrated it on my ends as I began each twist. I then detangled each section and shingled the Creme Jelle Styler through my hair to define the curl and began to two strand twist my hair. Once my entire head was twisted, I rubbed the Argan oil throughout my twists to seal. The only product I did not use was the Creme De La Mold but when I do use it to smooth down my edges I will be sure to add an update to this post.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's trim time!!!

I trimmed my own hair this past weekend because it was time. From what I've read and researched, you should trim your hair every 3-4 months at the minimum but some maybe able to go longer than that due to the health of their strands. I knew I needed one because my ends were feeling a little rough. We know that trims are very important in our hair journeys to get rid of split, damaged ends and any single strand knots!! Other benefits are they help to prevent your hair from splitting any further up the hair shaft, they improve the appearance or your hair and your ends seem thicker and fuller. Don't be afraid to trim your hair because you're growing your hair out, you need these trims to promote healthy hair growth and to aid in length retention. Let go of the bad hair and embrace the good lol. I remember when I was getting ready to big chop, a friend told me that and I heard those words before I started snipping!! Yes, I did my own big chop :)

11 Months Natural Update!!

I can' t believe that I am 11 months natural!! Sept. 15 marked my 11 months post big chop anniversary!! So.. if you follow me on instagram (BesosFeron) you know that next month, well all month long to celebrate being 1 year natural I am having a giveaway!!! There will be three separate prizes so three chances to win!! Believe me you won't want to miss this. I posted a picture on instagram of a necklace that I painted using the dip dye technique. For more details on how to do this yourself, log onto YouTube and check out Andrea'sChoice video of Dip Dye Accessories. This necklace shown here.. will be available for you to win as part of one of the 3 giveaway prizes.

Monday, September 17, 2012

**TEASER** New Product Alert!!

Finally, on to the new!! Thank you all for being patient with me to re-upload the top posts from my previous blog onto here and Thank you for your continued support!!

Now, on to the fun part... If you follow me on Instagram, (BesosFeron) then you have already seen this picture!! Today, I received a package in the mail from and I bet you're wondering what's in it right.. well you'll just have to wait till *tomorrow* for my first impressions and a review of the items contained in the package will come later as soon I have time to "properly" test them out!! No half stepping over here ;)

What's Next: I have the September Curlbox which I am currently testing out!!
**If you would like to become a subscriber, the list opens THIS Saturday 9/22 at 3 p.m. est!!**
I have my *11* month Natural update to post, transitioning story, memoirs of a retail associate (very funny), and a HUGE giveaway is coming!! Oct. 15 will be my 1 year napturalversary so hopefully we will reach 10 members by that date or before so the giveaway can start earlier!! Big things to come for the month of Oct!! I've begun to work on my natural hair journey video and can't wait to share it with you all!!

Please continue to join, subscribe and comment!! Great things to come ^_^

Besos, Feron

August Accessory Haul

Accessorize or go home!! Accessorizes to me put the finishing touches on an outfit, from jewelry, to hair accessories, to your nails and makeup!! Last month, I felt my wardrobe was lacking big bold earrings and my hair needed a lil oomph lol so here are my recent purchases from Icing & Claire's!! I also wanted to try some new hair products and nail polishes so those will be pictured too!! Enjoy!!

Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Review

There is no way possible for me to get to every product for natural hair to review... especially not on my budget!? But, I figured having my good friend Anika to be a guest reviewer on here to review the products she has used, loved, and or hated would be very helpful. We both have similar but very different textures of hair. I'm more kinky and porous where she is more on the fine/curly side of the spectrum. Some products will be products that we both have used but I think it's good to see how a product works for different hair textures. With that being said here is her review on Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter!!!!

Prized Product Review

I ordered my pearls on a Saturday and my order arrived on Wednesday!! Shipping rate, I give them an A+.

My package was wrapped very nicely with a bow around the box so for packaging I also give them an A+.

Are you a Mixtress? Conditioner/Oil Spray

The never-ending battle between natural hair and dryness isn't has tough as it used to be. From my ten months of being natural, I have a good idea of what my hair needs and want. I know my hair is highly porous and needs as much moisture as it can get. It is also very dense and thick. I need super moisturizing products as well as humectants to keep the moisture from escaping.

I noticed using water alone to spray my hair daily wasn't enough. I also hate wasting money! Many YouTubers swear by their Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, but for me, it has no slip. When I look for a conditioner, I need it to have super slip to be able to detangle my thick, densely packed hair. So, instead of tossing the conditioner, which is all natural and has wonderful ingredients and smells like peppermint *yum* (reminds me of Christmas time and candy canes) I decided to turn it into a conditioning oil spray.

5 day twist out!!!

How did I achieve *5* day hair... well for starters, it begins with the set.

I twisted my hair by using the LOC method. First I applied my 'KimmayTube' leave in; next I applied Castor oil to seal in the moisture; finally I used my homemade whipped Shea. Once the whipped Shea was applied, I began to twist my hair all over in small sections as seen here:

Curls Control Paste Review

I having been eying the curl control paste by Curls for quite some time now. I attempted to look up reviews on it but was unable to find any. Anywho, it was on sale at Sally's and I was needing a product to give me strong hold as well as prevent fizziness of my ends, and something that wouldn't dry out my hair or flake up.

Solution, Curls passion fruit curl control paste sculpting shine pomade.

Product claims: smooth out and slick down unruly edges, tame frizzy, out of control curls, and add amazing sheen all in one step; passion fruit control paste is the go to product for curlies demanding perfectly coiffed curls.

Miss Jessie's Free Product Samples **legit**

How many times have you all seen the word "Free" advertised only to look into it further and you have to fulfill some type of regulation or participate in the promotion only to not really be getting the item for free… well I am here to tell you that Miss Jessie's is offering FREE 100% legitimate samples of their products!! Limit 2 per household but still you're getting to test out their products for **FREE**

We all know that Miss Jessie's price point is.. well rather high!! So, there has to be something behind their ability to charge such high prices and still remain one of the top natural hair care brands around!? I've been wanting to try out their products for a minute but my budget wouldn't allow me to but **FREE** is definitely something I can work with :)

Moisture/Protein Balance

Is your hair not behaving how you want it too? Do you have bad breakage? Is it dry and brittle, or thin and sparse? Well, you may be in need of "moisture" or "protein". Too little moisture or too much protein can and is one of the causes of breakage. The following is a condensed version of how you can tell if your hair needs more moisture or more protein by conducting a strand test. I regularly do strand tests on my hair to help prevent breakage and to ensure the health of my hair. Non of this is a secret, this info can be found from various sites online in more detail. The specifics on the strand test were found on This is simply the main points you need to know and what to look for to treat your hair.
(Yes, that *was* my hair pictured. The perm was taking a toll on my hair. More info in a later blog) 

To do the strand test, take one of your 'shed' hairs and wet it. (Note, the difference between a 'shed' hair and a hair that has broken off is the 'shed' hair will have a little white bulb on the end.)