Thursday, May 2, 2013

Haulage much?!?

While putting together this post, I realized I am not only a product junkie but I am a hoarder!! Not only am I a hoarder, I'm addicted to sales and anything that flashes *new*. But there is hope! I received two packages and one of my soaps was a tad melted and stuck to the mesh bags it was in and in another package, the butter cream was melted and I spilled it! Summer is coming and if you've been with me for awhile you know I don't order during the summer months! This is exactly what I need; a nice break to actually get to using all of these products and reviewing them! Some of the items I have used or begun to test and reviews are coming soon! But for the other 98% of the items, they haven't been touched! So to help me out, post which products you are most interested in knowing more about in the comments and that will help me compile a list and I will make sure those items are near the top of my current on going list of items to review :) One more thing, all items were purchased by *me* with my own money unless it says I received it as part of a swap! Enough with the small talk here are my hauls in ABC order!