Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My DNA product review

Ahhh it's been a while... life can get pretty crazy. I recently lost my uncle and just went on a hiatus from blogging, social media, everything. We all grieve differently and I just became very distant and kept to myself but enough about that I am here to share my oh so traumatic experience with you all from using some of the My DNA product line! *Disclaimer* although these products did not work for me, they may work for you. All I can do is give you my honest truth and help you be an informed consumer.

April 26-27 was the World Natural hair show in Atlanta, GA and I attended both days. Blog of my haul/experience is in the works :) While I was there, I watched a demonstration being done by My DNA and they had a special where you could purchase their entire product line for $30. If you review the Co-wash, you just give them a call and share your thoughts and they will send you a check for $15 so I was like hey that's a deal. I haven't called yet so I can't say if that is legit or not the hours are funny and I'm at work when they are open. The deal was so great, I didn't ask any questions about ingredients nor did I read them I just figured they had to be up to the typical standards most naturals look for in products... oh my was I wrong!!!! These products maybe "made" or "intended" to style natural hair but they are the furtherest thing from being natural! If you log onto their website, no ingredients are listed?!? Now that's sketchy. So, without reading the ingredients or anything I proceeded to style my hair in a braid out. I didn't style it on freshly washed hair so that could have had an affect on the reaction I had but I doubt it. The following will be a brief overview of each product, how I used them and my thoughts.