Sunday, June 16, 2013

Operation Use up your stash!!!

It's no secret, I am a product junkie! But, I have put myself in rehab and I am taking the necessary steps to prevent from going down the current path I've been on which is becoming a product hoarder! Luckily it's warming up outside and I don't order products during the warmer months which has forced me to be on a no buy as of May 1!!! The only exceptions to this no buy is replacing staple products or if I have a sample of a product and end up loving it, I must have the full size! This brings me to using up my stash. I am beginning with the products that I purchased last Black Friday which some have not been touched! Most all natural products have a limited shelf life and in the following picture I am showing what to look for so you know how long you have to use a product. If the product does not say, a general rule of mine or an average to go by, a shelf life of 6-12 months is a safe time frame to go by. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top on the ground products!

On the ground products: products that are easily available and can be purchased at various retail outlets; no need to shop online. After my 1 year naturalversary, I found myself wanting to try a larger range of products that weren't available to me. On Black Friday 2012, I began ordering products from online small businesses and have become a major product junkie in the process wanting every new product or being unable to resist a sale. I believe I over did it and now I am somewhat turned off from ordering online from various issues I've experienced from not receiving my order, extra long waits to get my order, or my order being wrong. So, I decided to compile of list of my top on the ground products that have been neglected while I was on my product snob high horse lol. 

Two main benefits to purchasing on the ground products: they are easily available when you need them; easy to go to the store and not have to wait and pay shipping; the shelf life is typically longer due to preservatives added so no need to remember when you purchased it or needing to use it up within 6-12months.  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

WNHS Product Haul Review Part 1

Wow.. it's been awhile but in my defense I have been testing out many products and wanted to have used them a couple of times before reviewing them! Follow me on instagram (BesosFeron) for up to the minute updates. If you are, then you know I was doing another juice fast but stopped after day 15 due to the same breakouts I experienced the first time around. Well enough about where I've been in my absence, in my last post I posted a picture of my World Natural Hair Show haul and asked which products were you all most interested in hearing about first. Well I did my best to use use as many as I could over the past month and the following is my honest review. All products were purchased by me :)