Top on the ground products!

On the ground products: products that are easily available and can be purchased at various retail outlets; no need to shop online. After my 1 year naturalversary, I found myself wanting to try a larger range of products that weren't available to me. On Black Friday 2012, I began ordering products from online small businesses and have become a major product junkie in the process wanting every new product or being unable to resist a sale. I believe I over did it and now I am somewhat turned off from ordering online from various issues I've experienced from not receiving my order, extra long waits to get my order, or my order being wrong. So, I decided to compile of list of my top on the ground products that have been neglected while I was on my product snob high horse lol. 

Two main benefits to purchasing on the ground products: they are easily available when you need them; easy to go to the store and not have to wait and pay shipping; the shelf life is typically longer due to preservatives added so no need to remember when you purchased it or needing to use it up within 6-12months.  

This list maybe a little dated and doesn't include any new product lines that have been released within the past 5 months but it's a start for anyone looking for products with decent ingredients. All products listed aren't "all natural" but still good quality products without containing the top "no-no" ingredients. I plan to start checking out more on the ground products in the future and will update this list in the next couple of months. 



 Clarifying Shampoo

Deep Treatment/Protein Treatment 

 Leave-in/Hair Milk



Gel/Edge Control

Oil Spray/Heat Protectant 

I have found some Holy Grail products that I will never stop ordering online and there are small businesses who I trust and will continue to order from no matter if there is a wait due to unforeseen circumstances. I do miss the connivence of on the ground products and will be attempting to find alternates to the online Holy Grail products so I can have something on hand at all times while I wait for an order to come in! 

Hope this helped direct someone to some products to check out! What are your favorite on the ground products? Product lines? Which ones do you suggest I try out? Thanks for reading!

Besos, Feron