Thursday, November 14, 2013

Product Stash, Breakage & Challenge Updates

If you follow me on IG (besosferon) then you have seen this picture of my product stash! It looks like a lot but  I think it's an optical illusion! Since the products are all laid out it seems like there is more than is really there?! Yes! No? lol well this will be a brief blog of updates on my hair and the hair challenge I mentioned in the 2 Years Natural blog posted on 10/17.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Skin care regimen featuring Bobeam and Cream & Coco

Happy November! The countdown to Black Friday is on and as a product junkie I can not wait for all of the sales! Operation use up my stash is going great! Crazy thing about it is I am basically making room for new purchases which will increase my stash and erase all the good I've done…. shrugs oh well :) The two products I am reviewing are two of the main items I use in my skin care regimen. I have been using them for months now so I feel confident in giving a detailed review. Hope this helps or gives you some ideas of natural alternatives to use on your skin.