Skin care regimen featuring Bobeam and Cream & Coco

Happy November! The countdown to Black Friday is on and as a product junkie I can not wait for all of the sales! Operation use up my stash is going great! Crazy thing about it is I am basically making room for new purchases which will increase my stash and erase all the good I've done…. shrugs oh well :) The two products I am reviewing are two of the main items I use in my skin care regimen. I have been using them for months now so I feel confident in giving a detailed review. Hope this helps or gives you some ideas of natural alternatives to use on your skin. 

Bobeam Toning & Complexion Bar 

This bar claims to be for all skin types and is specially formulated to tone and balance the complexion. The bar is pretty large (5.8 oz) so I cut it in half and gave half to my mother. Quickly my skin is: extremely sensitive, oily, burns, blushes, scars and blemishes easily. My mom's skin is: sensitive, extremely dry (psoriasis), and burns easily. Our complexions are extreme opposites; she is a deep cocoa. 

With those differences in mind, we both love this soap for different reasons. My mom finds this soap to be very moisturizing and has done wonders with her dry patches (psoriasis) on her shoulders/arms which have cleared up and it has her face smooth and radiant. For me, the soap's anti-inflammatory properties are what I like most about it. My blemishes have begun to fade and my complexion is more even as a result of using this soap. It also aids in absorbing excess oil on my skin. As noted above, my skin is extremely sensitive and although this soap is all natural and home made, the toning properties are still a bit too strong for my skin so I use it every other day to wash my face. I noticed my skin was feeling tight or dried out so using it less frequently works best for me. (Note, I have this problem with most facial washes and I can only use them once a day or once every other day and the other times I just use a wipe or rinse my face with water.)

No makeup no filter! Radient, glowy skin!!
The bar can be purchased at for $8. If you have never heard of Bobeam, you should check them out. The owner, Laquita, has a wide knowledge of the ingredients and their properties that go into making her bars. I also ordered a shampoo bar sampler kit from her and will be sure to review it when I get a chance. Her prices are very reasonable and she is very sweet with excellent service! I highly recommend this toning & complexion bar! The results speak for themselves! My skin isn't flawless… yet lol, but I'm well on my way.

Cream & Coco Manuka Oats Toning Moisturizer 

*Now known as the Honey Butter Toning Moisturizer* This moisturizer claims to moisturize the face without clogging pores, tones, and refreshers as well as minimize pores. It says it is great for all skin types including sensitive & acne prone skin types. I LOVE this moisturizer. When I started caring about what ingredients were in my products I became frantic to find a replacement and comparable moisturizer for my Clinique one which has parabens in it! I first tried the lemon milk toning moisturizer but unfortunately, my skin being extremely sensitive did not like it. It burnt and irritated my skin leaving it red and very tender to the touch. During the C&C birthday sale, I remember reading about the new Manuka Honey line and I was super excited from having done research on the benefits of this honey for the skin. 

This moisturizer lives up to all of its claims and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth like butter. I don't have any wrinkles but my pores are smaller and less prominent. I have a third of the bottle left and have been using it daily since April. A little goes a long way. It i so soothing and lightly toning. It is very rare I can use something daily on my skin without any irritation but this is one product I can use with no reactions. I know this has improved the natural radiance of my skin. I don't want to give anyone false hope because my skin naturally glows, but it glows even more from using this product. The consistency is nice and creamy but not too runny. It has a nice warm, honey type smell and I will be stocking up on Black Friday! It gets 5 stars and will be featured in my year end holy grail product blog post. You can purchase the 4 oz moisturizer at for $10. Tell Victoria (the owner) I sent you. I must also try the other items in the Manuka honey skin care line.

These are not the only things I use on my face as I am a facial mask junkie and am currently testing out a new mask from Ynobe Shop but these are the main things I use. The true test for the moisturizer will be how well it does when it starts getting cold. I will be sure to update you all on that. Sorry this is so long but I've been using these products for quite some time.

Besos, Feron