Monday, February 25, 2013

Small Business Samples Review!!!

As the title implies, this will be a collective review on some samples of products that I feel you all need to know about if you don't already do! These products can't be found in stores but they are of high quality, all natural ingredients/products that are worth paying the shipping for. These samples were either in my swap sack ( or from the natural review sample box ( and one Ynobe Shop product. Each brand was new to me and was thrilled to have an enjoyable experience with them. They are all small emerging businesses poised to make a big impact on the natural hair & body product industry. My only critique you may see mentioned below a couple of time is, if you are providing a sample or your product for a subscription service, please include a list of the ingredients. You all know I'm allergic to almost everything under the sun lol so that is a big gripe for me. I don't mind looking up the ingredients, but I shouldn't have too. You are trying to sell me your product. Treat your samples as if they are the actual product you are trying to sell. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Premiere My Brown Box January Box

I love subscription services! For the month of January, I received 5 separate subscription boxes and feel the excitement of them is starting to dwindle. With that being said, My Brown Box rekindled that excitement I once had when I first subscribed to my first monthly subscription, my glam now known as Ipsy. My Brown Box is a monthly lifestyle, luxury, and beauty subscription service for brown beauties everywhere for $20. Now I do love Ipsy and am still a subscriber but, finally there is a subscription service that offers products specifically for me or rather a woman of color regardless of your ethnicity. I was so excited when I first heard this service and I made sure that I was online to be a subscriber and receive their premiere box for January 2013! For more information or to sign up for their mailing list, visit Subscriptions are re-opening this Saturday, February 9, at 3p.m. est if you would like to subscribe and be a Brown Beauty!!