Small Business Samples Review!!!

As the title implies, this will be a collective review on some samples of products that I feel you all need to know about if you don't already do! These products can't be found in stores but they are of high quality, all natural ingredients/products that are worth paying the shipping for. These samples were either in my swap sack ( or from the natural review sample box ( and one Ynobe Shop product. Each brand was new to me and was thrilled to have an enjoyable experience with them. They are all small emerging businesses poised to make a big impact on the natural hair & body product industry. My only critique you may see mentioned below a couple of time is, if you are providing a sample or your product for a subscription service, please include a list of the ingredients. You all know I'm allergic to almost everything under the sun lol so that is a big gripe for me. I don't mind looking up the ingredients, but I shouldn't have too. You are trying to sell me your product. Treat your samples as if they are the actual product you are trying to sell. 

All products shown are from the February Swap Sack
Simply Organic Extra Strength Jamaican Black Castor Oil
- This was a 4 oz sample and I still have some left. I love JBCo and have used this oil so far as part of my pre-poo/hot oil treatment. It compares to the Tropic Isle Living JBCO which is the only brand I've used until now. The only difference is the Tropic Isle Living is a tad darker and thicker. I'm not sure if that will affect the potency of the oil but that's the only difference. The prices are very comparable, maybe a dollar difference. This sample was in my swap sack and I had never heard of the brand before then. Please visit to purchase or check out the other various oils they available to purchase such as: coconut, jojoba, and Moroccan argan oil.  I recommend this brand and when my no buy challenge is over, I would love to test out their other oils to compare them in quality to other suppliers. 

Sarenzo Bath & Body Peppermint & Tea Tree Clay Wash
-Where to begin with this product.. well for one I loved it! I have heard of this brand but this was the first time I had the opportunity to try out their products. I have been eying the TerrEssentials mud wash for sometime now but the price point has stopped me from making my purchase. When I saw one of my fellow swap-sack subscribers had it I jumped on getting it. I used it this wash day to clean my hair and I was blown away with how well it cleansed my hair with having little to no suds! This wash has tea tree and peppermint oils in it so it had a nice, refreshing tingle. I concentrated on my scalp  first then used what was left on my ends. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt so soft, manageable, and not tangled. I did not want to or feel the need to condition my hair as it already was! If you're into using clay or mud to clean your hair, and like a reasonable price, I highly recommend this product and give it 5 stars. I am ready to place my order now, but I won't because I hate to lose a challenge but you may see this clay wash on my staples list! For more information or to purchase, please visit 
Clay Wash in hair

Patsie Girl Spritz Splash 
- I thought this was a nice refresher spray. It reminds me of a moisture spray with oils in it. It's a milky, oily consistency. I believe there is peppermint oil in it but as there were no ingredients listed nor are they on the site, I can't be sure. Overall, I enjoyed this spray and had no bad reactions to it. To purchase the spray or any other Patsie Girl products, go to Since I'm not sure of the ingredients, I don't feel comfortable recommending it but at your own risk.

Satin Blends Almond Cherry Body Creme
- I was very impressed with this sample! I love body butters as I can't use most lotions except for the ones for eczema or sensitive skin and they usually have a medicated smell. Also, I can't shop at Bath & BodyWorks or Victoria Secret as most of their items either irritate my skin, or make me sneeze so much I have to wash it off immediately. This body butter is not only moisturizing, but smells great. It's not too loud, doesn't linger too long, and melts to the touch. The ingredients were listed as well as the website. Appearance is everything as well as ensuring your consumer is informed with full disclosure and Satin Blends did just that. It's not oily or sticky and is immediately absorbed into the skin. I recommend you all going to and checking this creme out as well as their other bath, hair, and beauty products.  
Products from The Natural Review Sample Box

Natural Lyfe Essentials CocoaShea Butter
- Another impressive body butter although the consistency of this product is thicker, as the main ingredient is raw, unrefined Shea butter vs. the Satin blends main ingredient is olive butter. This butter is smooth and creamy and is also easily absorbed into the skin and has a yummy light chocolate fragrance. To purchase this product, visit 

Nature's Muse Lip Balm
- I compare this lip balm to my Burt's Bees lip balm. It's all natural and come in a completely biodegradable tube which is pretty awesome to me. It's all natural and made of sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, beeswax among other natural ingredients. For more information or to purchase, visit and check out their vegan friendly soaps, natural deodorants and shampoo bars.

Kiki Bella Beauty Mud Mask
-This mud mask was amazing! It was so gentle and did not irritate my extremely sensitive face at all. I had no redness or burning sensation when I washed it off with warm water. There were no ingredients listed so I had to look them up myself. The mud mask is 100% clay with trace minerals from The Great Salt Lake basin in Utah. Per the owner, the uses of this mask are : to restore and revitalize the skin for a healthy appearance, tighten and tone the skin as well as alleviate conditions such as acne and black heads. It is suitable for all skin types. My skin felt great. Very soft and not oily nor dried out. For more information or to purchase, please visit 

Ynobe Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating Dew   
- I have review Ynobe Shop products previously and was happy to have the opportunity to review this new product. I must say, we have another winner! I am unable to use the Ynobe Shop leave in anymore as the rose hip oil in it broke me out but, I found a replacement! I used this dew several different ways; first I used it as a daily refresher, next I used it as my leave in prior to sealing with an oil, and lastly I used it to refresh my scalp. I love anything with aloe vera juice in it but this dew takes it to the next level with adding green tea and various oils and Ayurvedic ingredients to strengthen, condition, and help stimulate growth. It is all natural, homemade and is being added to my repurchase list which is hard to make. I'll really like a product, but it's rare that I'll repurchase it which I have done with the Ynobe Silky Shea Cream (stocked up before the no buy challenge). To purchase this product or check out any others that are available, please visit 

Whew... y'all still with me lol Many new products to check out or peep more reviews on. Hope these were helpful and as I am made aware of more new small business/products I'll be sure to share them and test them out pending my budget. Any questions or comments, leave them below!

Besos, Feron