How you know it's time to "protective style"

I can't tell you all how many times I have read or seen a youtube video where they tell you to listen to your hair!?! But what does that really mean? Or they will say get to know and learn your hair!!? Me personally, I have a love hate relationship with Zoe (my hair). I've achieved some great styles and I've had some epic fails! The longer she gets, the longer and harder it is to take care of. Lately, my relationship has been mostly hate and I knew it was time to do something before I did anything drastic. We all need a break sometimes :) 

-Don't take this list seriously, it is my satire of how I knew it was time to get a protective style!

How you know it's time for a protective style:

1. Just the thought of wash day makes you groan! You now have to start the night before so you can be finished before dark or spend the entire day on your hair. Nobody has time for that! O_o

2. Working with your hair causes your carpel tunnel syndrome to act up and you're forced to wear your wrist brace for several days till the pain goes away. The struggle is real!

3. Half way through blowing your hair out, you disregard all caution and switch to high heat so you can be finished all ready. Patience is not on your side! 

4. Leaving your hair alone or in a wash & go results in twice as much work to get it back in condition. Starter locs without trying! 

5. Dealing with humidity, heat, and the elements stresses you out like nothing else you just want to scream and you're venting to your natural friends on a daily. Shout out Shirley, Sam & Becca they know my pain. Shrinkage is a beast! 
6 hours wasted! Went from touching my shoulders to barely touching my ears! Boo Shrinkage

6. Driving with an afro or puff is hazardous to your health! If you're at this stage, your fro will block your peripheral vision. Check those blind spots! 

With a mega puff, you will hit your head getting in the car (yeah I'm clumsy)  and it will continue to rub against the roof slowing down your reaction time. No whip lash for you!

7. You can not keep your hands out of your hair and subconsciously pull on your hair especially during times of high stress. No anti breakage, tea rinses, or deep conditioning can save you from yourself! 

8. When thoughts of texturizers, perms, tex-laxing, or heat training pop in your head to make your hair easier and less time consuming you know the devil is a lie and he wants you to take the easy way out. Intervention time; never give up! No chemicals allowed!!!

Hope you all enjoyed my list! I'm sure there are other reasons why I knew it was time for me to get a protective style but those are the major ones.. or funniest ha! I'm on week two with my kinky twists and I love them and do not miss my hair at all! I want to keep them in for 8 weeks which will lead up to my  2 year naturalversary and length check :) 

Stay strong ladies! If you have to braid it up, weave it up, or wig it up to keep your sanity and stay on the natural path, do you! It gets hard sometimes! I'm so sick of these articles bashing naturals for doing what works best for them! Protective styling isn't for everyone but since I started I've noticed great growth and length retention but more on that in my hair update post! Questions or comments leave them below!

Besos, Feron