WNHS Product Haul Review Part 1

Wow.. it's been awhile but in my defense I have been testing out many products and wanted to have used them a couple of times before reviewing them! Follow me on instagram (BesosFeron) for up to the minute updates. If you are, then you know I was doing another juice fast but stopped after day 15 due to the same breakouts I experienced the first time around. Well enough about where I've been in my absence, in my last post I posted a picture of my World Natural Hair Show haul and asked which products were you all most interested in hearing about first. Well I did my best to use use as many as I could over the past month and the following is my honest review. All products were purchased by me :)

The Mane Choice Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask

This DC claims to: reduce damage, repair damage, strengthen, nourishes, and hydrates. It is for normal to dry hair and has a biotin infusion. I have used this product two different ways. The first time I used it, I cleansed and conditioned my hair first and then applied it and sat under my steamer. I can say the claim of strengthening your hair was evident. My hair felt really tough after rinsing it out as if I had done a protein treatment. I did not like that feeling so I did an acv rinse after to get it to feel back soft and silky. The next two times I used the product, I first did my pre-poo and then applied the product on top and sat under my steamer. I have to say using it this way was better for me and my hair felt great and very hydrated. I can't pin point the smell but it's okay. It's nothing sweet or fragrant but more like a tea rinse would smell. The consistency is similar to a thick rinse out conditioner such as Tresemme and the color is white. 

I am on the fence with this product. Although I enjoy it and the great ingredients/claims; I feel for the price is too much. You get 8oz for $17.99 and my hair being highly porous, it takes a lot of product to cover areas. I may have one more use or half a use left since I have to use this on damp hair before my wash process. I would like to be able to use it long term to see the affects of how well it reduces and repairs damage so I can't speak on those claims. If they are at the next hair show I will get it again but I won't order it; just being honest. I give it 3 stars.

BelNouvo Avocado & Shea Healthy Hair Milk

This product claims to leave your hair feeling hydrated, soft & down right spoiled lol. Before I read the claims for the product I was in heaven with how well this hair milk moisturized my hair!!! My hair is not only highly porous, but it has been color treated and so I'm having issues with dryness! This is new to me! I had heard great things about the coco castor pudding (will use and review in the future) so I decided to pick this up. I can't believe I'm saying this but this hair milk may have knocked my holy grail leave in (Oyin Hair Dew) to the number 2 spot!  I've used it to moisturize my dry braids at night for two weeks now and my hair adores it. The consistency is thick and creamy but has slip out of this world. It smells like vanilla cake but the smell isn't so overbearing that it makes me sneeze. I highly recommend this product and it gets 5 stars!

BelNouvo Deep Quench Moisture Butter

I would first like to say how amazing their customer service is! I had an issue with my original butter and they responded quickly and sent me out a replacement! This butter claims to quench the thirst of dry hair or skin! This is true! I first started using this product on my body and I couldn't believe how nicely it absorbed into my skin and how it left a nice light scent. I have the vanilla one and it smells amazing. After testing it out on my body, I then began to test it out on my hair. Again, my dry hair was instantly moisturized. I have not tested to see how many days of moisture I can get out of one application but I'm sure I could get a couple of days. The consistency is of a whipped butter but it has a wet feel to it which maybe from the glycerin in it.; it doesn't feel oily at all like most butters but moist. I definitely see this butter being added to my staple list and I highly recommend you all check it out. I give it 5 stars.

Obia Natural Curl Hydration Spray

This spray claims to hydrate curls, add shine, detangle, and condition the hair without leaving a buildup. Before braiding my hair up, I used this refresher spray on freshly washed hair to detangle before styling. I have also been using it as a daily refresher on my hair prior to sealing with an oil or butter. I must say I was very apprehensive about using this spray due to my allergy to rose-hip oil and this spray has rose oil in it. I did a skin test on my arm and had no allergic reaction so I proceeded to use it on my hair. This is the best curl refresher ever!!! This is now my holy grail for refreshers! It lives up to all the claims. The bottle says it has a low ph so imagine how smooth and silky your hair feels after you do an acv rinse, this spray mimics that feeling!! I did get a chance to meet Obia at the hair show and I hope I didn't scare her I tend to talk 90 miles a min! I give this spray 5 stars and highly recommend you all checking it out! Oh and it smells so lovely like roses! Very nice touch and I love the pink packaging :)

Obia Natural Curl Moisture Cream

This cream claims to moisture and hydration to your hair without weighing it down. After applying the hydration spray, I used this as my leave in. This cream was just okay for me. It wasn't thick enough for my taste but I like my products to be substantial and I don't believe I have found a product that can weigh down Zoe (my hair); she is thick, dense, and wild lol. The consistency is a nice runny cream; reminds me of a conditioner. It has a pleasant smell too like a soft perfume. I give it 3.5 stars. I used half the jar (4oz jar) for one application.

Obia Natural Curl Enhancing Custard

This custard claims to define and condition hair and does not leave a waxy residue or buildup. Once the curl moisture cream was smoothed through my hair, I used the curl enhancing custard to define my curls before twisting it up. I must say a little goes a long way and this product lives up to its claims and then some! The consistency is just like a custard and jiggles when you shake it in the jar. It has a nice cake batter scent. I was surprised at how well this product defined my curls almost as well as eco styler but not as much hold. My hair didn't feel crunchy or hard the next day but very soft. I would say it gives a light to medium hold depending on how much you use. I give it 4 stars and do recommend it!

Hicks Edges

This product claims to promote growth and hold edges and hair firmly in place without flakiness. I watched a demonstration on how to slick your edges down using this product. The demonstrator said the more you smooth the hair down, the slicker it'll look. The consistency reminds me of the curls control paste but not as hard to manipulate; this has a wet feel to it and smells fruity. I can say I am shocked at how well it laid my edges! My edges were so laid, it looked like I had a perm lol. I have never seen my edges that straight. This is my new holy grail edge control product and is now sold in some Wal-mart stores. I give it 5 stars and can say my edges stayed slick or smoothed down for at least 5 hours.

I am doing a great job at getting to use all those products I picked up at the WNHS. I am trying to keep it simple by only using one set of products for a few weeks before moving on to the next! Part 2 of will hopefully be up in a month once I get through using some more of the items I picked up. I promise there won't be as long a break this time before my next post! Coming soon, my WNHS experience post and I haven't posted a holy grail products/staples post in awhile. Well hope you all are having a wonderful day and till next time!!

Besos, Feron