Reboot Juicing Challenge

This Monday, November 12 I will begin my Reboot! Now, I'm sure you are wondering what a "Reboot" is so I am happy to give you all the details and share what I've discovered.

A Reboot a juice cleansing/fast, or detox where you only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice (and water) that you make yourself with a juicer or some sort of juice extractor. A Reboot can last anywhere from 5 days, 10 days, or longer. As seen in the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Joe Cross did a Reboot for 60 days and lost over 80 pounds. There are various Reboot plans and you can follow that incorporate all juice, meal replacement with a juice, or any combination of juice and food. Check out the plans at the following link:

The movie is very inspiring can be viewed on I highly recommend you watching it if you are planning on doing a Reboot or juice fasting. The purpose of the Reboot is to not only lose weight, but to "Reboot" your system. The S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) is packed with unhealthy processed foods that have little to no nutritional value. The only way to really and truly get healthy is to rid the body of all these toxins, chemicals, and waste and start new and fresh.

As with any diet or exercise, if you're on medication please consult your doctor before beginning this. A few guidelines to the Reboot are: you can only drink fruit and or vegetable juice as well as water (if doing the cold-turkey juice fast); no taking over the counter supplements or medications (I will continue to take my multivitamins to make sure my calcium and Vitamin D level does not get too low while on the fast); a day or two before starting, a colon cleanse is recommended or increase your fiber intake (I will be flushing my system out the day before with prune juice); do light exercise in the beginning such as walking for 30-45 min 3-5x a week until your body gets over the initial shock of being on this detox. You may be weak, have a headache, and be very regular at the beginning but should be over it by day 5. Once you feel strong and good, aerobic exercise is all he suggests.

Here is a good article on what you should do to prepare for your Reboot.

The main points from it are: invest in a good juicer (I purchased a NutriBullet), mentally prepare yourself for the challenge, set a start date, plan out your challenge such as where will you purchase your produce and when will you make your juice for the day, and set a date to break your fast.

When you break your fast, you can't go back to complex food the very same day; it has to be a gradual process of the reintroduction of food into your diet. Take 5 days of nothing but eating fruits and veggies and drinking your juice. After those 5 days, take it slow. We do not want the body to go in shock and regain everything you have lost. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible! For guidance on this, please visit

I hope you all will follow me on this journey!! Shooting for 30 days but pushing for 60!! I even have a juicing buddy Ms. Brigette!!! I will keep you all posted on a weekly basis but for real time updates, follow me on instagram @BesosFeron Anyone interested in joining or just adding juice to your daily diet, come on!! Questions or comments, leave them below!!

Besos, Feron