Ynobe Shop & Hair Perfection Product Review

I feel I have learned what my hair likes and does not like and am more selective on what new products I give a try. For me, it seems my hair prefers the more natural products or products that are loaded with great ingredients and less of the synthetic ones. When my fellow curl friend mentioned she was going to be selling the products that she makes and uses on herself, I was curious as she has gorgeous, healthy looking hair! When she told me about the ingredients I was sold and had to try them. This new line of products called Ynobe Shop by Ebony are now available on her Etsy shop. She has so far released a pre-poo,  the Silky Shea Cream, and the Hibiscus and Marshmallow Root Leave-in Conditioner. I did not order the pre-poo treatment because detangling prior to washing is an extra, and unnecessary step for me. Now, onto the reviews!

Ynobe Silky Shea Cream
-This product says it is for styling of 'out' styles or wash-and-go, etc. is a great moisturizer and is LOC method friendly. I have been using this product for the past two weeks and have used it as a styler to do a braid out, I used it as a moisturizer, and I used it as a sealer. I first used the product on freshly washed hair to do my braid out. I always do the LOC method but I found I did not need to use an oil on my hair as this product is loaded with oils. I felt it was very oily to the touch and was not liking having oily hands but, the next day once my hair had dried the cream had absorbed into my hair and the oily feeling was gone! My hair was so soft and moisturized that I could not stop touching my hair! It kept my hair moist for almost the entire week but I did have to reapply some cream to my ends which isn't bad! 
- The consistency is very whipped and creamy. The smell is very earthy and warm. I can't explain it but it smells like Shea butter but not as pronounced. The essential oils come through but I think I'm smelling the almond oil that's in it. 
- I definitely would recommend this product but only if you have thick hair that can handle thick, rich, and creamy products. If you like the Qhemet Biologics heavy cream, you'll love this! It's just a little bit oilier but that goes away as the product dries. A little goes a long way. I give it 5 stars for great value, great smell, and it does what it claims to do with multiple uses.
Braid out with Silky Shea Cream

Ynobe Hibiscus and Marshmallow Leave-In Conditioner
-This leave-in claims to lock in moisture, leave your hair soft, moisturized, and easy to detangle. I have been using this for about a week. I first applied it to dry hair to see how well it would moisturize and revive my hair. I must say I was really, really impressed! I am very tough when it comes to leave-in conditioners. In the past month, I have tested out *5* leave-ins and this is the only one that I love without any reservations. (Leave-ins I've tried: Shea Radiance maximum curl defining cream, Mixed Silk leave-in conditioning creme, Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia leave-in, and Bee Mine Bee Lovely daily conditioner)
- The consistency is a creamy liquid with excellent slip. The fragrance is nice, flowery, and smells like jasmine, which is one of the essential oils in it. I also used it on wet freshly co-washed hair that I did not detangle! I am serious about testing products to see if they live up to their claims! I smoothed it on and was able to finger detangle before shingling through gel to do a wash and go. Blew my mind! My hair has now dried (from the wash and go) and it is soft and very moisturized!
-I give this product 5 stars and recommend it for anyone from thin, fine hair, to thick and coarse hair like myself. It does what it claims, is able to moisturize my thick highly porous hair, and I was able to detangle with it. I've found a new staple.
Before & After with product

Coily Head Chick Hair Perfection
- This gel claims to be perfect for natural coils, kinks, and curls. I was suggested to try this product from my curl-friend B! She has thick hair like myself and pretty much all of her suggestions have been spot on! I did my research before purchasing the gel and it has received mixed reviews. I took a leap of faith and am happy I did. The gel is very moisturizing, is all natural, and has a nice light fragrance. I was worried my hair would not respond well to it because it is a watery gel in comparison to eco styler gel. I believe I used a moderate amount for my hair and am thrilled with the results. I have a spot in my crown that is more of a wave than a curl and it defined it but not like the rest of my hair so I took out my Krystal eco styler and shingled it in that one spot.
-I definitely would recommend this product to anyone. I must inform you that if you don't have an 'existing' curl pattern, this gel will not work for you. I had to be a little heavy handed due to the thickness of my hair and this would be a waste for someone with little to no curl pattern. I give it 4 stars due to it doing what it says it does but the price point at $20 is a little high in my book! Based on how much I used, I believe I should have about 6-8 more uses. 

- The next day my hair dried nicely and still had its definition BUT later on in the day my hair became stiff and dry feeling. To try and reactivate the product I spritzed it with some water but noticed it felt sticky like it had a residue on it?! Not cool. My previous rating will be adjusted accordingly and I give this product 2 stars. You can definitely get one day hair but I don't see second day hair happening, unless you're ok with the feeling and don't add any additional water or product. After adding moisture back to it, your hair becomes sticky and if you add a moisturizer like Shea butter (which I did) your hair may begin to flake! I made it snow lol. I'm not sure if everyone will experience this, but as far as using it for a wash and go, I did. I will revisit this product later on and see if using it differently will yield different results!

Hope these reviews were helpful. See the picture above for information on how to check out Ynobe shop on Etsy. The bows and earrings pictured are also from Ynobe shop! Any questions, feel free to leave them below!

Besos, Feron