Struggling Pescatarian & Updates

Going pescatarian has not been as easy as I thought it would be! I ate a mostly vegetarian diet last week with the exception of a small serving of fish with my dinner last week. Prior to following a pescatarian diet, I did a three day detox of drinking only green juice. My results were great and I dropped 4 pounds! After this cleansing, I knew it was the perfect time to give pescatarian a try but there have been some problems along the way.

Things I've noticed:
1. I felt tired, sleepy, and low on energy all week! Some days, I slept all day and had to force myself to work out.
2. When I stopped juice fasting and stopped having fresh juice daily, my ability to sleep at night was gone. I've suffered with insomnia for years and it always seems like sleep would come when it wanted too but never at night.  
3. My insomnia is much better and almost cured with the reintroduction of fresh fruits and veggies. I found myself able to fall asleep right away and able to stay asleep without tossing and turning all night. I currently am juicing the same juice I did for my detox which is the Dr. Oz liquid gold juice. The recipe can be found on 

This Sunday, I was feeling so weak and tired that I quit being a pescatarian and ate a piece of chicken for dinner. I've been feeling very discouraged about the lack of energy and have been reaching out to some of my fitness friends on Instagram. What I've been doing wrong surprised me.

Changes to make:
1. Add good fats to my diet such as almonds (nuts), coconut oil, or avocados. By not getting these good fats was probably one of the causes to my lack of energy. I need these fats so my body can use them as fuel and get me through my day.

2. Eat more protein. Protein does not have to be in the form of animal fat, but rather I can purchase vegan or soy protein powders, protein shakes, eat greek yogurt, beans and legumes. Getting enough protein is definitely an area I see where I went wrong in going pescatarian. Not only is protein a great source of energy, but an imbalance of it or eating too few calories can affect your hair growth. I have noticed my hair growth has been creeping for the past three months since I first started my weight loss journey. I did a length check over the weekend and my progress is dismal to what I normally get but more on that in a later post.

3. Add Flax seed or Chia seeds to my diet. The health benefits of Chia seeds speak for themselves as seen in the picture. Chia seeds have been said to be a great source of energy and I could use all the natural energy I can get. I don't drink caffeine nor sodas so I am hoping these seeds live up to their claims.

I am not eating a pescatarian diet at the moment as I have been eating chicken but I do plan to ease my way back into it as soon as my energy levels return. I must admit I had some beef today and I did two work outs which I have not been able to do in a couple of weeks. I know some argue we need animal fats to sustain ourselves but I'm sure all the vegetarians and pescatarians out there prove that to be false. I now know the errors I made and will give it another go soon. Follow me on Instagram @besosferon for updates! 

I hope my story has helped someone! The journey to a healthier you is not always going to be easy. Believe me I was so weak and tired I could not sit for more than 30 minutes without falling asleep; but I managed to workout 5 days last week! So, if I still made a way to get in at least one workout a day, then you can too! If you have any questions or suggestions on ways to help me go pescatarian, please leave them down in the comments! Oh and I'm holding steady at my current weight but the inches are just falling off!

Besos, Feron