Wash Day epic fail product review!

Only for you, my readers, do I put Zoe (my hair) through such trauma! She fought back with me this past wash day! I was testing out an entire regime of new products and she really didn't like anything! My hair felt awful and the results I got the next morning were dismal. I'm not one to bash a product because everyone will have a different experience but if your hair is similar to mine or needs plenty of slip and moisture, this review could be useful for you. I'll keep it short and to the point and if you have any further questions, feel free to leave them below!

LUV Naturals Don't Be So Clingy Step 1 Detangler
- This detangler claims to help release knots, tangles, and shed hairs while being pH balanced. This product was pretty good but I plan on doing a face off with it and another detangler in the future. It did help to release the knots and tangles and is very moisturizing and creamy. I separated my hair into sections, sprayed a lil water then applied the detangler. A longer review to come, but I give this product 4 stars and would recommend as it is an all natural product, is pH balanced, smells great, and doubles as a pre-poo treatment. Detangling prior to washing is a step I've only done twice and for me, it's an extra step not needed. If I feel the need that my hair is so tangled that I need to do this step, then I will use this product again.

Isabella's Own Sulfate Free Shampoo
- After I finished detangling, I added JBCO mixed with EVOO and sat with a plastic cap on for about 2 hours. With the twists still in, I use 1/2 of one sample pack of this shampoo which came in the December curlBox. The shampoo claims to be enriched with Argan Oil, hydrates and detangles, cleanses and moisturizes. I hated this shampoo! I only needed half of a sample pack due to the superior suds. This shampoo was not moisturizing or detangling at all. My hair felt stripped and weird. Some of the twists had begun to come out and I believe washing my hair in the twists contributed to the tangles. I can not recommend this product to anyone. Please note, I pre-pooed with oils and the detangler prior to using this so if my hair felt as bad as it did, can you imagine how bad it would've felt had I not! I give this product zero stars.
Major Suds

aussie moist 3 minute miracel conditon/revitaliser
- With the awful results of the shampoo, I was expecting great things from the aussie moist as I've heard so much about it. At this point, nothing could help my hair! This conditioner did nothing for me, didn't have much slip, nor did it help with any detangling. Compared to my staple Tresemme' naturals, this conditioner does not come close. Maybe I'll try it after using a different shampoo and I'll have better results, but for now I give it 2 stars for effort. I would recommend it for someone with thin, or fine textured hair.

Karen's body beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner
- (S/N her name rhymes with my name Feron) Ok focus. Finally washing was over and I was ready to do the LOC method and start off with using this as my leave in. The product claims to moisturize, detangles, & define your tresses. The scent I got it in was pomegranate guava which smells great. For me, I hated this product. It did nothing for my hair. It didn't moisturize, detangle or define. My hair was so tangled it was like I was ripping through my hair. Zoe was really fighting me here lol. The product seemed to just sit on my hair. It has a light, watery consistency. I tried this product on dry hair the next morning and again, it just sat there on my hair like a film and didn't add any moisture. I can't recommend this product for anyone with highly porous hair like myself but it may work for someone with low porosity. No stars to give and I really wanted to like it.

Curl Care by Dr. Miracle's Soft Hold Creme & Smooth 'n Shine conditioning gel
- I applied castor oil to seal with after the leave in then I was ready to style my hair. I used the soft hold cream as m styler  and it claims to have aloe to soften and improve elasticity to keep the curls in place for up to 12 hours. I hated this product. The smell is decent but again, it felt like it was just sitting on my hair. My hair was not absorbing it. It is a water based creme and since it offers only a soft hold, I layered the smooth 'n shine gel on top. I hated the gel too. My results the next morning were a not very defined twist out, it was extra shrunken and puffy. Very frizzy. No stars for either one and no recommendations. My hair felt like there was a sticky film on it the next day so I immediately co-washed it and now it feels better to have all that crap out of my hair.
Very frizzy, not very defined. 

Shea radiance Maximum Curl Defining Cream with Shea Butter
- I only did half of my head using the Dr. Miracle's. For the front I used this cream layered with the nothing but mold and hold wax. I did not use the Karen's Body Beautiful leave in in the front as this cream was used as my moisturizer. This product claims to give great curls without frizz and nourishes the hair with a gentle hold. I liked this product. My hair loves anything butter based and it was very moisturizing. The name is misleading and I'm not sure why they named it a "maximum curl defining cream" when it does no such thing but rather is nothing more than a leave in conditioner. As a leave in, it's great and my hair looked great in the front but, I hate the smell!! It is so loud and very lemon herbal. For having a misleading name and awful smell, I give this product 2 stars.
Very moisturized with great definition

Well as you can see, I had a very long and painful wash day! I co-washed my hair the next night with my staple As I Am coconut co-wash and I use my current holy grail leave in, oyin hair dew, and moisturized my hair with the Qhemet Amla & Olive Oil heave cream before braiding it. My hair finally feels almost back to normal! From now on, I'm going to stick with what I know when it comes to testing out new products. I know my hair loves the thick rich and creamy products, and those will be the ones I check out!

Any product lines out there I should check out? What are your favorite butters or butter based products? And, if you have used any of the products mentioned, please leave you input below!

Besos, Feron