Update/Results from 10 day Juice Fast

If you're not following me on instagram (BesosFeron) you're missing out on up to the minute updates on my juice fast and weight loss journey! I initially wanted to fast for 30 days and then see if I could continue on for 60 but, I experienced horrible break outs!! They first began on one side of my face then began to spread all over it. Next my neck, my chest, shoulders and stomach started to break out in huge redish pink bumps that remind you of the chicken pox. My only conclusion was my body was experiencing a negative reaction to the juice fast so I broke the fast by eating an apple!

Thanks to my instagram friends, I received much information and began to do my own research. If you are planing on doing a juice fast keep in mind that break outs are not uncommon and is the body trying to rid itself of the toxins that you are currently cleansing from your body. Second, thanks to one of my instagram followers (ms_fit_bikini86), juicing a lot of fruit especially citrus fruit is very acidic and can also be a cause of severe break outs like the ones I experienced! I instantly knew my juicing pineapple with every juice to make it sweet was the problem. I also asked family members to see if they have allergic reactions to certain types of fruit and it turns out my mother is allergic to raw pineapple and my Ant breaks out the same way I did if she drinks too much orange juice!! Again, this was and is my first time juicing and every day you learn something new. I only wish the movie, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead or the website www.jointhereboot.com had mentioned some of the possible negative side effects of juice fasting but now I know and I hope this has helped you all!!

I have been off of juicing for 5 days as of today and I will begin juicing again for another 10 days starting tomorrow (Nov. 29). I experienced great weight loss and inches lost in my first 10 days of juicing and I want to continue to push forward. This time around, my juicing partner B suggested I use melons and grapes to sweeten my juice! They are sweet and more water based, less acidic than the pineapple, oranges, and lemons I was using! Great advice and I will be tweaking the juice recipes I currently have. Follow on instragram for recipes and what juices I like best! Kale is still hard for me to get used to the taste but spinach is much milder for the new juicers out there and I can juice that all day everyday!!

My skin is almost back to normal and I think the best advice I was given by my girl Vanessa was to do a Bentonite Clay mask on my face! The very next day, the nasty break outs had begun to dry out, they were shrinking, and my skin was going back to normal! This is now my holy grail/staple facial mask!! 

I'm still working on replacing a lot of my beauty products with all natural ones and I hope to have a blog on all of my replacements soon for you all!! Still to come, my black Friday haul once everything arrives! I'm very excited about the new natural products I've ordered and can't wait to review and share them with you all!! Lastly, the November curlBox and Ipsy My glam bag reviews!! Yeah Thanksgiving put me behind lol.

Besos, Feron