Senegalese Twists

I've been hinting at getting a winter protective style but I never said what I was getting done lol well.. for all my instagram followers (BesosFeron) you have seen my Senegalese twists!! I hope to keep them up for 6-8 weeks which will be right at two months! I got them long, very long! They are waist length and I told her to do them pretty thick!

How I prepped my hair
-Knowing that having a braid/twist style can be helpful and harmful to my hair I did my research on how to have a successful protective style. Before doing any braid style, your hair needs to be in its healthiest and strongest state. Sunday, I did a protein treatment on my hair as well as a hot oil

treatment using JBCO, Safflower, Olive, and Vitamin E oil. Prior to straightening my hair, I used the Aphogee keratin & green tea restructurizer and the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E replenishing Hair Milk. My hair has never felt better or stronger.

Nightly routine
-For now, I tie my satin head wrap around the top portion of my hair. For the length of the twists, I wrap around and secure a silk scarf to keep them protected at night. Note, my hair is pulled back in a ponytail at night.

-Next week or sooner, depending on my scalp, I'll use my applicator bottle to keep my scalp oiled with either Castor Oil or my JBCO. Three times out of the week, I'll spray my hair with the Aphogee restructrizer spray for my protein/strengthening aid to help prevent breakage and for my moisture I'll apply the Palmer's hair milk just at my scalp to where my hair stops. This will keep my protein/moisture balance in check and will help prevent from having any breakage due to the stress on my hair. If you haven't already, be sure to read my blog post on "Moisture/Protein Balance" (posted on September 17).

If there are any updates or changes in my routine I will let you all know or if I experience any problems during my long term protective style. I will do a blog post of the different styles I've worn with the twists but to stay up to date in real time, follow me on instagram (BesosFeron)! Any questions or suggestions on how you take care of your long term styles, please feel free to leave them below!!

Besos, Feron