Protective Styling Challenge

Winter is coming and I have just perfected my current regimen after a year of trial and error that I’m not ready to tweak it for winter! I’m not sure where to begin. I know the best thing to do during the winter cold months is to do protective styling to protect your hair, especially your ends, from the harsh wind and elements. What better way to take advantage of getting a ‘break’ from doing my hair and keep my hair protected during the cold months than to make a challenge out of it! I posted the following picture on instagram and facebook inquiring to see if anyone else is interested in keeping their hair in a protective style from November 1 to March 1! 

As of now, there are 8 lovely naturals participating and if anyone else is interested in joining us please do! The more the merrier! Follow me on Instagram (BesosFeron) or simply keep checking back here for updates on how everyone is doing. Four months does seem like a long time and I’m sure we all will miss our hair at some point but we can do it and I’m sure our results and length retention will make it all worth it.

For the challenge, all you have to do is keep your hair in a protective style. My current protective style is Senegalese Twists. Any style you choose is fine such as mini twists, roll tuck and pin styles, braids, etc. as long as you are not manipulating your hair on a daily and your ends are protected! If you’re having a ‘braid’ style installed, like myself, feel free to take a break between getting your next style installed. Remember, although your hair is in a low  maintenance style, be sure to keep up with the health of your hair and scalp! I am keeping my scalp oiled with Castor and Jojoba oils. 

I wish you all the best of luck and I will be checking in with you all during the challenge. If you’d like to do a length check before the challenge feel free to tag me on instagram with your before pictures. Here is my starting length check, which was done on Oct. 15 my one-year natural anniversary!!

Besos, Feron