How going natural has changed me!

According to a very popular song by India Arie... I am not my hair. Well, our hair is apart of us and our moods can be affected by how our hair looks. I remember before I decided to go on my healthy hair journey, which resulted in me going natural, I felt so ashamed, ugly, depressed. I didn’t like myself and I was in a very dark place. I’ve struggled with self-love for many years but it was at an all time low when my hair was at its worst state. You all have seen the picture; it’s so embarrassing I can’t believe I’ve shared it so openly. If you need a reminder, here it is below.

I’m not here to say how I just started loving myself so much from going natural or that going natural was like this therapeutic magical event. No! Self-love takes time and maturity and it didn’t happen over night. Going natural enhanced me and made me a better me! I used to be the girl that wanted to be invisible, to be overlooked and left alone. Well, with a large fierce fro you are screaming for attention. I’ve learned a lot about myself along this journey and have noticed many lifestyle changes.

First, going on a healthy hair journey involves more than just improving the health of your hair, it also includes your overall health. What you do and put on your hair is half the battle. The rest comes from what you put in such as drinking plenty of water, taking daily vitamins, and eating a well balanced diet. I kid you all not; I eat healthier than I have all my life just from going on this hair journey.

I am super conscience about what ingredients I put on my hair and as a result have made me take more care into what I eat. I have my ‘health nut’ moments but now if it’s too processed or has added preservatives, I won’t buy it. Fast food, I barely eat now. I prefer frozen to can and if I want lunchmeat, I go directly to the deli. Although it can be pricey, I opt for Organic on some items.

I learned I have very strong will power and am focused, determined, and dedicated which are all traits you must have to transition to natural. Natural is not for everyone and it takes a very strong individual to stick with it. You will have your good days when your hair behaves just how you want it and everyone is feeling it and then you’ll have your bad days and the mean comments. I am not one of those people who tell others how dare they put chemicals in their hair or talk condemn them, but why is it ok for them to come at you with rude and demeaning comments.

I was feeling good rocking my fro and this lady just burst my bubble with “how could you leave the house with your hair like that!? I would never go out looking like that need some heat or a hat on or something” Yeah... that really hurt but it’s ok. Since going natural I’ve begun to develop thicker skin. I’m still super sensitive and wear my emotions on my sleeve but I have this sense of pride about myself. I feel accomplished knowing I made it through my transition, I made it through my twa days, and now at one year natural, I’m still going strong.

Anyone out there transitioning or feeling like you can’t do it, it’s too hard, or you have no one that understands what you are going through, please don’t give up and keep on pushing. I’ve only experienced positive changes and I am reaping the benefits now. And don’t you just love that no one else will have your exact curl pattern! It makes you unique and one of a kind. Keep your head up through the tough days and keep it civil when dealing with the rude comments of others. They don’t understand and they would never be able to make it on a natural hair journey but you will because you took the first step and began your transition. I feel like I’m promoting the Marines now.. the few, the proud, the Naturalistas haha

I hope this has helped someone to not give up or maybe to take that first step. Remember it won’t be easy but it will be worth it! Do your research and prepare yourself before you begin and focus on health first, length will follow.

I would love to hear from you all! Leave your comments below on how your hair journey has changed you!

Besos, Feron