Inside the Package!! Entwine Auditon Kit

The wait is over!! Yesterday, I posted a teaser picture of my brown package that I received in the mail and it was also posted to my Instagram (BesosFeron). In the package was my Growth + Style Audition kit by Entwine Couture!!I can not give you a review 'yet' on the products and how they work for me as I am currently testing out the Sept. Curl box (follow the above instagram account for up to date reviews) But I would like to give a brief overview of the line if you haven't heard of them and my first impressions!!

First I would like to say the shipment is super fast!! I ordered my kit on Friday night and received it on Monday!! Amazing. Next, the packaging and the overall theme of the line is so nice and very couture as the name says. Looking at their products you can't help but feel they are of a higher standard, especially on how much detail was put into the design and appearance which in my book usually draws me to a product. Finally, I would like to applaud Entwine for offering such a kit. If you read the Miss Jessie's free samples post, you know I was upset and unable to give a full review on the sweetback treatment because that one little package was not enough product to do anything! But with the Audition kit, you're getting a travel sized sample of each of their products to test out and they give you plenty to get a good idea of how the product will work for you. Besides the four product that are included, they also give you two "how-to" hairstyle cards, a guide on how to use the products and a $5 couture cash card good towards your next purchase.. without even using the products I'm already sold and have good feelings towards this product line. Get your Audition kit now at while they are **50%** off!! Yes half price!!

Products Included:

-The Manipulator Creme Jelle Styler: for pliable hold, definition, curl elongation
-Indulgently Luxe Exotique Butter-Creme: softens, moisturizes, dramatic shine
-On the Edge Creme De La Mold: strong hold, maximum control, long lasting styles
-Total Perfection100% Raw & Vegan North African Argan Oil: total restoration & ultra-hydration

Product review coming soon!! Have you tried this line? If so comment below and let me know your experiences!!

Besos, Feron