Miss Jessie's Free Product Samples **legit**

How many times have you all seen the word "Free" advertised only to look into it further and you have to fulfill some type of regulation or participate in the promotion only to not really be getting the item for free… well I am here to tell you that Miss Jessie's is offering FREE 100% legitimate samples of their products!! Limit 2 per household but still you're getting to test out their products for **FREE**

We all know that Miss Jessie's price point is.. well rather high!! So, there has to be something behind their ability to charge such high prices and still remain one of the top natural hair care brands around!? I've been wanting to try out their products for a minute but my budget wouldn't allow me to but **FREE** is definitely something I can work with :)

What did I get: The two product samples I chose were the Super SweetBack Treatment, "The best darn deep treatments period" and the Curly Butter Creme. In the package, the "Which one is for me?" product guide was also included as well as a cute red Miss Jessie's gift bag!! I am a tight curly & kinky so the product samples I chose are perfect for my hair type. For the full guide, please visit the Miss Jessie's website.

As I said I was not charged a cent for my samples and the shipping was free of course. Took about a week for me to receive it and I can't wait to test them out!! There will be a follow up review post on the samples as well as some other Miss Jessie's samples I have that a fellow curly gave me ^_^ *Note* they do ask you for your credit card information for identification purposes but it will not be charged!!

To get your 2 free samples while they last, visit www.missjessies.com and click on the free samples link!!

**UPDATE** I would recommend getting *2* of the same product because one is "not" enough!! I did all I could to stretch out the Super Sweetback treatment but it was just not enough product!! My only review on that product I can give is it has a sweet smell and has a thick consistency like a pudding... had there been enough product to fully coat my strands I maybe would've liked it as a deep treatment but oh well. As a "moisturizer" it did great and my hair is still very moist and conditioned!! (I got tired and didn't get around to rinsing it out that night so I can attest to its richness)

Besos, Feron