Sinful Colors Haul

Walgreens was having an EXCELLENT sale last week on Sinful Colors nail polishes for .99 cents!!

September is just beginning and I have been slacking on my nail game for a minute and I really needed some 'fall' colors so I jumped on this. I did get a little carried away BUT I didn't spend more than $20 between my three visits to Walgreens so yay me!!

-I bet you're thinking.. how can a polish so cheap be a high quality polish... well I owned 3 polishes by them prior to the sale and I can say the applicator brush is amazing & easy to use and the polish is rich and potent in color and actually lasts longer than some of my other polishes that are more expensive!! We all know how irritating it is to have a chipped nail... not cute! I can say after washing dishes, showering daily, and oiling my scalp daily, my polish did not chip after four days!!! With no top coat applied so, don't be sleeping on Sinful Colors!! Sorry Revlon, you have been replaced lol.

 Also, our guest blogger Anika was bitten by the urge for polish as I was and here is what she had to say...

"I adore a good sale and the Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens was just that…GOOD!!!  All Sinful Colors polishes were 99 cents with the exception of the hardener and base polishes.  I couldn’t contain myself.  On day 1, I went to Walgreens and saw 10 colors that were not already in my collection (prior to this I had about 10 or so colors by them).  Day 2, I went with an $8 budget which was easily surpassed when I visited the Walgreens across town.  Lets just say that I more than doubled my budget.  I told you, I couldn’t contain myself.  After my fiasco, I had a new total of 47 polishes. They were originally on my dresser buuuut of course, it was an eyesore.  On to my crafty side with a DIY nail polish rack.  I’ll have to keep you in suspense until next time with the deets on the rack.  I hope you enjoy the pics below."


Here are the photos and polish names for Anika's purchases followed by the names of mine which are pictured above.

   Heavy Metal, Let's Meet, This is It, All about You
   Moss Have, Call you Later, Leap Frog, Happy Ending, Mint Apple
   Gorgeous, Kissy, Cinderella, Hot Wired, Precious Metals, Slate
   Boogie Nights, Gone Platinum, Amethyst, Bali Mist, Figi, Frenzy
   Snow me Time, Tokyo Pearl, You just Wait, Easy Going
   Zincing of You, SuperNova, Nirvana, Pink Forever, Vacation Time, Hazard, Island Coral
   Gogo Girl, Georgio, Sugar Sugar, Courtney Orange, Cloud 9, Citrine

My polish names in order:

Hot wired, Mint Apple Green, Sugar Sugar, Dancing Nails, Social Ladder
Bali Mist, Fig, Boogie Nights, Courtney Orange, Zincing of You, Super Nova, All About You, Ciao Bella', Georgia, Rich in Heart
Let's Meet, Unicorn, Vacation Time, Moss Have

Besos, Feron