As I Am Coconut CoWash Review

Any conditioner can be used as a Co-wash... but for me I need my hair to be *clean* I need that clean feeling. I use a shampoo with sulfate because my scalp needs to be cleaned well. The shampoo I use on a regular is Tresseme' Naturals with lower sulfates. It does not strip my hair at all and I absolutely love it. So if you ask me do I co-wash I will tell you no in a heartbeat! Well... I can't say that anymore. I have found a product that is a true cleansing conditioner that cleans my hair and scalp leaving a nice clean feeling without stripping or needing to follow up with an extra step of conditioning my hair. I know I'm late on testing out this product line but I can say I'm not a product junkie. The only time I venture out to new products is when I have a true need for them or the benefits of using them are too great to over look. So I finally got my hands on the As I Am Coconut Co-wash!!

The Claims: a creamy gentle no-suds moisturizing cleanser; helps to maintain moisture, add more moisture and retain moisture. 

With Co-wash in hair! no suds
My reaction: The smell is wonderful and the consistency is like a creamy lotion. It is very moisturizing and non stripping. My scalp actually felt clean, as well as my hair with no leftover product buildup. I have only come across one co-wash that my hair and me liked but I can say I LOVE THIS!! It contains organic ingredients, coconut and castor oil which my hair loves. There isn't much more I can say about this product but I can see it working well for all hair textures, thick or thin. It's not too heavy or too light and if it's moisturizing enough for my thirsty hair, then it is sure to work for plenty of different hair types. Oh, and let me not forget to mention the slip!! It claims to aid in detangling, and I can say I didn't have to detangle. I ran my fingers through my hair gently to finger detangle and I was good to go on and style my hair. 

This product gets an A+ and has made my *staples* list!! Have you tried this product or any other As I Am products? I thinkI will look into trying out more but only if I see I have a need for it, we don't want to become a product junkie!! But don't worry, I go through products really fast so more product reviews to come ^_^

Besos, Feron