Whipped Shea Butter!!

I always deliver and here it is... My whipped Shea Butter mixture!! I can't say it's completely original because I took Fusion of Cultures recipe and made it my own!! Here is her video on how she makes hers:

I love her hair and noticed her hair is always so moist looking and has great definition so I decided to make my own. Not only is it very cost efficient, but you know exactly what is going on your hair! My hair is highly porous so it **drinks** up product. Making my own whipped shea is budget friendly and has multiple uses. Not only do I use it on my hair, but I also use it as a body butter!!

How I make it:
I first use a hand mixer to blend the shea butter chunks and one by one add my oils. I don't measure it out but I eyeball it making sure I have 2 parts of shea to all the oils I add but I like to use more coconut oil and sweet almond oil than the others for fragrance purposes.

My results:
I can do the LOC Method and use my whipped shea as my *C* or cream and leave my hair twisted all week without needing to re-moisturize my hair!! Now that's what I like out of a product it's gotta be thick, rich, and heavy to moisturize my hair!! So if you're having trouble with dryness or even manageability I suggest making and giving your own whipped shea butter a try. Also, if you're like me and find yourself re-purchasing curling butters/creams every three weeks, this maybe for you!!

Hope this helped! Have any of you made your own whipped shea or hair products? Feel free to share and comment below! Or are there any "home-made" product lines out there you all suggest?

Besos, Feron

**GIVE AWAY STARTS TOMORROW OCT 1** and yes a sample of my whipped shea will be included ^_^