Are you a Mixtress? Conditioner/Oil Spray

The never-ending battle between natural hair and dryness isn't has tough as it used to be. From my ten months of being natural, I have a good idea of what my hair needs and want. I know my hair is highly porous and needs as much moisture as it can get. It is also very dense and thick. I need super moisturizing products as well as humectants to keep the moisture from escaping.

I noticed using water alone to spray my hair daily wasn't enough. I also hate wasting money! Many YouTubers swear by their Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, but for me, it has no slip. When I look for a conditioner, I need it to have super slip to be able to detangle my thick, densely packed hair. So, instead of tossing the conditioner, which is all natural and has wonderful ingredients and smells like peppermint *yum* (reminds me of Christmas time and candy canes) I decided to turn it into a conditioning oil spray.

How I made my spray: I took my spray bottle and put about 1/3 of the conditioner in it, then added some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Safflower Oil (multiple benefits for the hair if you'd like to know more comment below) and topped it off with some water. Gave it a shake and there you go!! I love it. The conditioner with the oils and water have really been moisturizing my hair. I use it every morning to spray my hair and it stays moisturized all day. The oils used also give my hair a nice shine and help to seal in the moisture.

So, the next time you have a conditioner that's not working for you, don't toss it but turn it into a moisture spray.

**WARNING** be careful not to make a big batch, when adding water to a conditioner you are changing its chemical balance and weakening the preservatives added to elongate the shelf life. To keep from having a serious bacteria growth floating in your spray, try not to keep it more than two weeks and store it in a cool place. If you're extra nervous, just store it in the fridge and all will be well!! That's what I do with my KimmayTube leave in conditioner mix.

Happy Mixing,

Besos, Feron