5 day twist out!!!

How did I achieve *5* day hair... well for starters, it begins with the set.

I twisted my hair by using the LOC method. First I applied my 'KimmayTube' leave in; next I applied Castor oil to seal in the moisture; finally I used my homemade whipped Shea. Once the whipped Shea was applied, I began to twist my hair all over in small sections as seen here:

Day 1

-Night 1, I set hair at night by wearing my satin bonnet.

Day 2

-Night 2, I set my hair by re-twisting the back and sides which had become frizzy from the hair scarf.

Day 3

-Night 3, my hair began to feel a little dry so I moisturized it and re-twisted my entire head with the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding and Castor oil. I did not like how my hair felt the next morning so I had to add my leave in to soften it back up.

Day 4

-Night 4, I set my hair by re-twisting the front bangs using water and Curls Passion Fruit curl control paste

Day 5

Besos, Feron