Talk like a Naturalista

Being natural in itself is a journey, but learning how to “speak” like a natural is another story. When I began doing my research, I was so confused with all the acronyms like TWA, BC, BSL, Co-wash, being a PJ? Like huh? Help!! So, I have compiled a  list of commonly used terms, acronyms, and methods that naturals use daily. I'm sure there are more out there but hey, this is a pretty good start!!

Hair Stages

TWA- Teeny Weeny Afro. Typically if you choose to do the big chop without transitioning
SL- Shoulder Length
CBL- Collar Bone Length
BSL- Bra Strap Length
BC- Big Chop. When the time has come and you chop off all of your permed or chemically treated leaving your natural hair.
Transition- the time period from your last chemical relaxer until you cut off your remaining chemically treated hair.

Natural Problems
Shrinkage- When the hair shrinks up in length. This can be caused by the weather, such as humidity, or using certain water based products.
SSK- Single Strand Knots. When one strand of the hair coils up and wraps around itself forming a knot.
PJ-Product Junkie. Someone who is on a search to find the next best thing and tends to be a hoarder of products.  

EO- Essential Oil; contains the true essence of the plant it was derived from. Examples: Lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree.
EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
EVCO- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
JBCO- Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Cones- Short for ‘silicones’ which are found in hair products and may cause buildup.
Slip- Used to determine how slippery a conditioner or detangler is in aiding the detangling process. (you want slip)
HG-Holy Grail. Your bench mark, tried and true products.

Styling Methods
Co-Wash- conditioner wash. Using a cleansing conditioner to clean the hair instead of a shampoo.
DC/DT- Deep Condition or Deep Treatment
Pre-Poo- Pre shampoo treatment. Anything you do prior to shampooing such as a hot oil treatment or an oil rinse.
LOC Method- Liquid, Oil, Cream Method. Using a product from each category in that order to moisturize, seal, and hold in the moisture prior to styling.
WNG- Wash and Go
Stretched Styles- Any styles such as twist, braid, or bantu knot outs where the hair is in a stretch state and not allowed to coil back up.
PS-Protective Styling any style that protects your ends and has little to no manipulation. Some examples: braids, twists, buns, puff, sew-ins, and wigs.
S & D- Search and Destroy. When you have single strand knots, this method is used to examine each individual strand to search for knots and snip them out.
Pineappling- when hair is in a wash and go state or any textured state such as a twist out, the hair is gathered loosely on the top of the head to preserve the curl pattern.
Sealing- after applying a water based product, you seal in the moisture with an oil.
Shingling-  styling method where you rake the product from root to tip to define and separate the curl.
ACV Rinse- Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. Can be used as a way to clarify the hair and to seal the cuticle.
CG- Curly Girl method. Based on the book by Lorraine Massey. For more information, google it J
GH- Green House Effect- on damp hair, coat your hair with JBCO or EVOO. (If you’re ready to style, go ahead and twist, braid etc at this time. The oil is creating a barrier against pollution, dryness etc. Place a plastic cap on your head, and then tie a scarf or towel to ensure its snug and a winter cap if necessary. The idea is to create a greenhouse steam effect during your sleep. The next morning, style as usual. Should be done twice a week. 

Wow, now that's a long list. Yes being a Naturalista (a diva who has natural hair) is so exclusive we just about have our own language!! Well my fellow Curl Friends (naturals who are friends with one another) & Curlies (a person with natural hair) hope you enjoyed and this has helped you alone your journey. Any question or comments leave them below!

Besos, Feron