SSK- Single Strand Knots

Being natural is not easy. There are brand new hair problems to experience on your journey. One such problem is the dreaded single strand knot! So what is a single strand knot?

Single Strand Knots: are formed when the individual strands of your hair begins to coil up and warp around itself resulting in a knot; they are extremely small and impossible to get out without snipping the hair off. For this reason, some refer to them as "Fairy Knots".

I wish I could tell you there was a way to completely prevent them from happening, but there isn't. You may still get a couple of them due to the curl pattern of our hair but these tips can help lessen the amount of knots you get which will help you with length retention on your journey. Remember, leaving them alone is not a good idea. The knot may start off little but, over time it can grow and result in tangles and matting of your hair. Before you know it, you're clipping several hairs as opposed to the single strand with the knot on it. The only way to get rid of them is to search and destroy!!

Methods of Prevention

-No wash and go styles! I know they look so cute and your curls are popping for days but, these styles allow your hair to shrink up and curl. The more the hair shrinks, the more likely it is to coil around itself and form a knot.

-Wear stretched styles. Wearing your hair in a stretched style such as a braid, twist, or bantu knot out will keep your hair in a stretched state, preventing it from coiling back up and wrapping around itself to form a knot.

-Wear protective styles. If your hair is in braids or in a bun or what other protective style you choose, your hair is in a stretched state or in a position where the hair is unable to wrap around itself and cause knots.

-Detangle weekly. Leaving shed hair in your head will result in tangles, matting, and knots. Before restyling your hair for the week, make sure all shed hairs have been removed and you're not putting them back in your head.

-Shampoo in sections. For longer haired naturals, this is helpful to keep the hair separated and from getting tangled.

-Moisture and Oil are your friend! Dry hair is prone to tangle and knot up. If your hair is "balanced" with the right amount of moisture, it is less likely to knot up. Also, using oil on your hair to seal in the moisture is beneficial and it helps your hairs slide among each other and prevent them from coiling back up. Remember, your hair fibers have to move against one another; a way to make this easier is to have your hair moist and sealed with oil to reduce the friction.

-At night, protect your hair. You should always wear a satin bonnet or sleep on a silk pillow case. Not only that, but you should re-twist or re-braid your hair at night. Or, use the pineapple technique to keep your hair up on your hair and out of the way. When you're sleeping and tossing and turning, you are creating friction. That friction causes your hairs to move against one another which can cause the hairs to coil or wrap up and form knots. Having your hair in twits or braids will reduce this friction.

- Keep your hands out of your hair! I'm sure you all have heard of hands in hair syndrome, well this is where you constantly twirl or pull on your hair all day. This twirling is the same as your hair naturally coiling up and wrapping around itself. You are creating the knots and tangles.

I know this was a long post but I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Hope this helps guys. Any questions, comment below! Till next time,

Besos, Feron