September Curlbox Review

*If you're unfamiliar with Curlbox, please see my August Curlbox review*
The September Culrbox had the theme of "Fighting Frizz and Tangles" which was evident by the products that were included. This month there were 9 different varieties of Curlboxes that you could have received. The following are the products that were included in my box as well as mini reviews on the products I've tested out :)

Organic Root Stimulator Nature's Shine  -It's a rich blend of natural and essential oils and claims to give your braids, locks, twists and other natural styles a light healthy shine; great for body too! I used this oil spray to spray my scalp and I LOVE IT!! It's not too oily where it's dripping down your face and has a light flowery smell! The ingredients are amazing with all natural oils as the bottle states and does add a nice since to your hair! I plan on protective styling after I hit my big 1 year mark yay (10/15/12) and will keep you all posted on how my twists hold up while using this product but for now I would recommend it and if you're wearing twist/braid outs and need some oil or your ends feel dry, a spritz of this would be great with out weighing down your hair! 

Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion-I was skeptical about this product at first. I used it to do a braidout in the front and the back of my head I did a twist out using the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural hair coconut curling cream from the August curlbox. I first applied my leave-in conditioner, then I would spritz each section with the setting lotion and smooth it through before applying my whipped shea to seal and braid the hair. I did not like how the setting lotion felt on my hair, it was sort of like sitting on top of my hair and didn't feel like it was being absorbed so I was forced to be a little heavy handed with my whipped shea. Although I didn't like the feeling, you can't deny my results were AMAZING!! The next morning my curls were popping as you can see in the photo below!! My advice on using this product is to make sure you have a thick, butter or cream to moisturize/seal with such as doing the LOC Method due to the watery consistency of the product. Based on my results alone, I would highly recommend this product keeping in mind the above suggestion! Smells fresh and clean and gives you frizz free definition.

Taliah Waajid The Great Detangler -This product sample claims to soften hair and eliminate hair on contact! Well I don't know about that but I was not impressed with this product. I didn't notice any of the softening benefits or any detangling benefits!? I applied it to dripping wet freshly co-washed hair and I wasn't pleased with how it felt in my hair! It didn't seem to have any slip in it and my comb said no when I tried to comb it through to detangle lol so I can not recommend this product for anyone with similar textured hair as mine which is thick, kinky, coarse 4A. But the smell is very pleasant lol and it is very light to it came through in those two areas.
 Curl Keeper Total Control for Frizzy Hair,Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, and Senica Shampoo Bar
-I have not used these three products yet but when I do, I will attach an update to this post of simply do so on instagram (BesosFeron). 

The Final product included this month was an Ouidad Shower detangling comb!! I must say I love this comb!! I already have a detangling comb but it seems there is something different about this comb that it just glides through my hair!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this month's curl box review!! Worth every penny!! I LOVE CURLBOX!!! To get your subscription for $20 a month, log onto and signup for the list. As soon as subscriptions re-open, they will notify you so you can fight for yours lol. If you've used any of the products mentioned please feel free to leave a comment below or if you have any questions!! 

Besos, Feron