It's trim time!!!

I trimmed my own hair this past weekend because it was time. From what I've read and researched, you should trim your hair every 3-4 months at the minimum but some maybe able to go longer than that due to the health of their strands. I knew I needed one because my ends were feeling a little rough. We know that trims are very important in our hair journeys to get rid of split, damaged ends and any single strand knots!! Other benefits are they help to prevent your hair from splitting any further up the hair shaft, they improve the appearance or your hair and your ends seem thicker and fuller. Don't be afraid to trim your hair because you're growing your hair out, you need these trims to promote healthy hair growth and to aid in length retention. Let go of the bad hair and embrace the good lol. I remember when I was getting ready to big chop, a friend told me that and I heard those words before I started snipping!! Yes, I did my own big chop :)

How I did my trim:
After washing my hair, I sectioned it into four puffs. Then one by one, I detangled each section and began to two strand twist; but before I completed the twist, I ran my fingers down the hair shaft and snipped the rough feeling ends. I say I trimmed about a 1/2" all around. I instantly noticed a difference in my hair. It looks and feels so much better. I did the trim after the 11 month update photos were taken.

*Remember* to only do your trim with brand new, or shears that are only used to trim your hair. You don't want dull blades as they may add more damaged to your hair.

Besos, Feron