Galaxy Nails & Earrings

Yes, you read the title correctly!! Not only did I give the latest trend in nails a try, but I translated it to a pair of earrings that I REmixed!! If you follow the blog account on instagram (BesosFeron) then you have seen a few of my REmixed pieces! A full blog post on all of my creations is still to come!

So, how did I do it: Starting with a dark base color, I used black for both, I then picked three colors I wanted to use to mimic the galaxy. I used a makeup wedge sponge to apply each color one by one, starting with the lime green color, then onto the light moss green, followed by the very vivid fuchsia. You're going to want to blend these colors and apply them in a circular or swooping motion, the idea is for it to look like different colors blending together as if you're flying through space! Here is a visual to help you see how to apply the colors!

Finally, you're going to need a glitter polish to make your nails really pop and to mimic the stars of the galaxy. Make sure the polish has small glitter specs and not the large ones. Once this polish dries, take a second polish with larger round specs of glitter and just dab it here and there to mimic the plants or giant stars of the galaxy and you're done!!

Here are some close up, detailed shots and I hope you all give this fun and fierce nail design a try or translate it to something else like I did with the earrings!!

Besos, Feron