Mis-lead by a product review!?

We all have been there! We get on YouTube to watch a product review by one of our favorite gurus who may or may not have been sponsored to review the product and they are just raving about it and the results they achieved! So, you check out a few more reviews to see if they have the same feeling about the product before going out and purchasing it only to be DISAPPOINTED because it does nothing for your hair and your hair just hates it!! Have you ever wondered why this is? No I'm not suggesting they are lying to gain profit or sugar coating their true feelings *side eye* but, it more than likely has to do with their hair texture!

Hair texture is one of the key reasons why certain products work well for one person but may not work for another. I am going to review the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle' as an example to illustrate the point I'm trying to make.

-Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Souffle' w/ Agave Nectar & Flax Seed Oil is for Thick, Curly hair. It claims to define, and promote curls with a soft, smooth after-feel and to add moisture, body & shine. Used on damp hair will result in looser, wavy curls; on wet hair expect riotous curls.
Before then after w/ Gel

-I used it by first, sectioning off my hair and detangling that section. I then raked the product through my hair to define or promote riotous curls lol.
-My results: In the picture you can see my before picture had a lot of frizz and the curls weren't that defined then after applying the gel my curls were very defined and clumped together. The claims were true for me, and it is a VERY moisturizing product so your hair will have the wet look and feeling so do not use too much product or it can be sticky to the touch. It does add shine to my hair and smells great! I love this product and for me it lives up to all of its claims so I give it an A+

**NOW** this is where the product review on this product can be misleading.. if you notice in my "before" picture, I already have a very prominent curl pattern! I have thick, kinky curly textured hair. My hair type is 4A, which is the 's' shaped tight,coily ringlets. My crown is a 3C, which is the bigger looser curls and my sides and very front edges are a 4B, less defined curl pattern and requires extra product.

Curl pattern, no product

-Any gel or curl definer is not going to "create" curls, but rather "define" them!! This means, it will take your existing curl pattern, get rid of the frizz and clump the curls together to give you that Shirley Temple look lol 

Defined curl with product

-My advice on looking up product reviews is to first, find someone with a similar curl pattern as yourself and texture! No ones hair will be exactly the same as yours but you can get a better idea of how the product will work for you!! Also, pay attention to how thick or thin the reviewers hair is because this will determine how much or how little product you'll need and if the product will be too heavy or too light for your hair. With all else taken into account, the product may still not work for you if your hair is extra porous/extra thirsty and the product is just not moisturizing enough for your hair or the opposite can be true that it weights your hair down or is too rich for your hair!
(Example: I have very thirsty, high porosity hair and many reviewers were in love with the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding. My hair is so thirsty and thick that it did nothing for me. I used it a couple of times and still, my hair hates it!! Everything else was a good match between me and the reviewers but my hair said no! LOL my hair soaked it up and when it dried my hair felt hard and dry, I had to get another moisturizer to moisten my hair!!!)  

I hope this has helped you all and my future product reviews will not mislead you!! I want to be 100% honest with them because it is not cheap to be natural!! I'll be sure to mention my hair type, texture, thickness etc when reviewing a product!!

Besos, Feron