Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit Review

I am a sucker for a good infomercial!! I also prefer to do my own nails as I am on a tight budget... So, when I saw this Nail Art Stamping Kit on TV, I instantly had the urge to purchase it. At first, it wasn't available in stores but then CVS was offering it in their "as seen on TV" section for $9.99.

Well to make a long story short does it work? NO!! here is a picture of my nails after attempting to use the stamper to transfer the design to my nail!! Epic fail!!!

Now look at the designs and how well they *supposedly* transfer to the nail of the model on the packaging? Very misleading and if you read closely, it says for best results use nail art paint!! Using nail art paint was never mentioned on the infomercial!! If the stamper does such a horrible job with nail polish, why would I go out and waste even more money to purchase the paint; which may have the same results as the nail polish. If you notice on my results, I used two different polishes! The first polish I figured was too watery or thin so I switched to a polish with a much thicker consistency but still yielded the same, awful results!

I give this product a F minus!! I just can't support a product that is misleading and if I could get my money back I would. Unfortunately, I'm the type of person who either uses a product right away or forgets I bought it and waits till its too late to return it to use it. This time, I was the latter. Oh well. Don't waste your money and I will continue on my quest of ways to spice up my nails on my own without visiting a salon!! 

Besos, Feron