August Curl Box Review

Ok, some of you maybe wondering, what is a Curlbox!?! Well Curlbox is a monthly subscription service for the low price of $20 a month! You can cancel anytime. Each month, you're sent about 6 products (minimal one full size product & the rest will be sample sizes) geared towards natural hair care to try out. The purpose of the Curlbox is to get you to think "outside" the box and try or discover new products you aren't aware of or have thought about trying but something stopped you from making the purchase. For more information on how to become a subscriber, visit

This was my first Curlbox and I am happy to say my first impression was a good one. It truly lived up to my expectations. Ok, now let's get into what was included this month and a mini review of each product!!

-Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Organi-Gro Deep Conditioner
The sample size of this product was a generous amount and was enough to deep condition my hair. How I used the product: first I oiled my hair with JBCO then smoothed the product on top. I followed by sitting under my hair steamer for 30 min.
How I rate it: I give this deep conditioner a 3.5/5. It left my hair very conditioned and soft but, I'm not a fan of the smell. It did what it said it would do but there was no "wow" for me.

-Soft-n-free Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner Co-Wash
This sample was small but just enough to fully coat my hair with the product. How I used it: after deep conditioning my hair, I rinsed the product out and applied this co-wash, massaged it in and once I felt my hair & scalp were clean, I rinsed it out.

How I rate it: I give this product a 4.5/5. It left my hair feeling great. It didn't leave it feeling stripped(this maybe due to the intense deep conditioning I did prior to using it) and it had that freshly shampooed, clean feeling!! All product buildup was removed which I've never had a conditioner to do that. I would recommend you all giving this product a try & I will definitely purchase it!

-Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding
 This was a full size product sample. How I used it: after my hair was clean & still very wet, I applied my leave in conditioner then the hair milk pudding to retwist and rebraid my hair.
How I rate it: alone, I'm not a fan but will try it again so the rating is pending. My reasoning for no rating is the pudding is not thick enough for my hair; it seems to be a light more water based product. If you have very dense, highly porous, thick hair like I do, the hair milk pudding alone offers little to no hold. It is moisturizing with a pleasant "clean" fragrance, however my highly porous hair uses a lot of product and needs thick, cream or oil based products. I would like to use it again and try using it under a gel to get the "hold" I need. I will also try it as a leave in conditioner under a thick cream, pudding, or oil to help seal in the moisture. So stay posted for an update :)
**Update** I used the hair milk pudding again to re-twist my hair over night and the next morning my hair felt very hard, and dry. I had to use my homemade KimmayTube leave in conditioner to add life back to my strands! I really wanted to like this product but it does nothing for my hair!!!

-Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream
This was also a full size product sample. I was happy to see this included in the Curlbox because I had been hearing a lot about it and wanted to try it.
How I used it: I've been using it as a daily leave in conditioner. The consistency is very thick, creamy, or can be described as buttery.
How I rate it: 4.9/5 can't give it a 5, nothing is perfect lol. My hair loves this stuff, as noted about the hair milk pudding, I need products that are thick and buttery to moisturize my hair. The smell is very nice like a coconut pina colada!!
**Update** I do not suggest using this cream with Eco styler gel, the next morning I had great definition but my hair had white flakes all over it! I suggest not mixing this with any other products, I had the same issues with Cantu Shea Butter leave in repair cream.

The last two product samples included in the August Curlbox are: Soft-n-free Nothing But Curl Pudding & Twisted Sista Activator. I haven't used these yet but if you would like a review on them just leave a comment below and I'll be sure to do one.
*Update* I used the curl pudding and did not like it. It felt like it was just sitting on my hair and left film on my hair. The Soft-n-free Nothing But Curl Sealer is not pictured and I did not like that product either, again it felt like it was sitting on my hair and left  film on it.

Besos, Feron