Prized Product Review

I ordered my pearls on a Saturday and my order arrived on Wednesday!! Shipping rate, I give them an A+.

My package was wrapped very nicely with a bow around the box so for packaging I also give them an A+.

Now the most important part, do the pearls look as nice in person as they do on the website!? YES. They look better!! The black pearls are so pretty and seem to bring out the colors that are around them.

Included with your pearls is a certificate of Pearl Identity. The overall grade for the pearls is a AA+. The shape or style is Fresh Water with measurements of 7mm-8mm. The luster is said to be high, and I can honestly say it is.

I am very happy with my purchase and I definitely would recommend prizedpearls. I wish the discount could last longer but it was only for a short time period. I will be purchasing from them again.

Besos, Feron