11 Months Natural Update!!

I can' t believe that I am 11 months natural!! Sept. 15 marked my 11 months post big chop anniversary!! So.. if you follow me on instagram (BesosFeron) you know that next month, well all month long to celebrate being 1 year natural I am having a giveaway!!! There will be three separate prizes so three chances to win!! Believe me you won't want to miss this. I posted a picture on instagram of a necklace that I painted using the dip dye technique. For more details on how to do this yourself, log onto YouTube and check out Andrea'sChoice video of Dip Dye Accessories. This necklace shown here.. will be available for you to win as part of one of the 3 giveaway prizes.

So, the grand prize giveaway will begin Oct. 1st and will last all month until Oct. 30th!! The winner of this prize will be announced on Halloween!! The reason this one will last all month is because it is a huge selection of goodies that any natural, or relaxed hair gal can benefit from!! Rules & how to win will be posted on Oct 1st to kick off the first of the 3 giveaways.

Thanks so much for your continued support and I'm very excited for Oct!! I plan to make a journey video and I'm sure it's going to blow my mind how far I've come!! If you're just starting out on your journey, don't give up!! It's so worth it. Still to come, my transitioning story as well as some product reviews I've mentioned in previous posts!! I am testing out so many products right now I feel like my head is spinning lol!!

Besos, Feron