Welcome... Again!!

Seems as though we've been here before doesn't it? Well, for those of you that were followers or members of kccdiva.blogspot.com this may feel like deja vu.. for those of you who are new WELCOME!! Due to unforeseen issues with domain glitches I was forced to delete my first blog and start a new one but that's ok because I learned a lot. This time around, I'll be more interactive with you all. Think of this as kccdiva 2.0!! From looking back at the topics I posted, I realized that my interests were beyond just natural hair and care, but encompass a broad spectrum of topics. So, with that I decided to title this blog Besos, Feron. My name is Feron, if you didn't already know that and at the end of every post I noticed I alway said Besos (kisses in Spanish) so what better way for this blog to reflect me and my personality than to simply title it, "Besos Feron" 

First thing, the most popular posts from the last blog will be posted and from there I will alternate with old and new as to not bore the returning visitors! What to expect: You can expect more product reviews, more natural hair updates, but now you'll be able to keep up with my twitter and what's going on. I'm hoping to attend my first natural hair events so I hope to do recaps on that as well as I would like to link my pinterest account with you all so you can see what crazy and fun things I discover while online. Finally, more fitness topics and topics to get you thinking! If there is anything you would like to see please leave a comment below or message me directly.

Thanks for stopping by and following me on my journey!!

Besos, Feron