Entwine Couture Audition Kit Review

You read my first impressions, now onto the review!! First I'll tell how I used each product, then I'll go into a brief breakdown of each product!

On freshly co-washed hair, I began by moisturizing my hair using the Exotique Butter-Creme Hydrator and concentrated it on my ends as I began each twist. I then detangled each section and shingled the Creme Jelle Styler through my hair to define the curl and began to two strand twist my hair. Once my entire head was twisted, I rubbed the Argan oil throughout my twists to seal. The only product I did not use was the Creme De La Mold but when I do use it to smooth down my edges I will be sure to add an update to this post.

Claims vs. Reality

-Exotique Butter-Creme Hydrator claims to give ultra softness and maximum hydration. I can say this was a very moisturizing and hydrating product! As stated before, I have very porous thirsty hair and "most" moisturizers do nothing for my hair or my hair drinks it up and my hair is left feeling hard and dry the next day. This moisturizer was the right consistency and I only needed a little to moisturize my hair. The smell is pleasing and its nice and thick and rich. It lives up to the claims.

Wet Twits
-Creme Jelle Styler claims to give a stronger hold and maximum control for longer lasting styles. My twists have never looked so well! These maybe my prettiest twists I have done in my 11 months of being natural!! It defined and elongated my coils with no frizzies and my twists look very defined and the hold is great but not hard or stiff. My hair is soft, bouncy, and moves. I am very pleased with this product as well. The consistency isn't really a gel, but rather it's like a smooth creamy pudding.
Dry Twists 

I would highly recommend purchasing the Entwine Couture Audition Kit! Not only do the products live up to the claims they present, but you are able to test out each product at a very budget friendly price. The sample sizes are perfectly sized to allow proper testing and depending on your length, you maybe able to get three uses out of this kit.

I hope this review helped you all if you were considering getting this kit (which is 50% off right now) or are unfamiliar with this line!! It is very new to me but after seeing the results of some youtubers who have similar textures to mine, I couldn't help myself but try it out myself. I will post pictures of my twist-out when I take my twists down, but for now I'm going to wear it in the twist!! Loving the results!!

Besos, Feron