Styling your Senegalese Twists

I kept my Senegalese twists in for exactly one month and during that time frame I wore quite a few styles with them!  As you can see from the pictures, I did not get bored! If you're rocking a protective style this winter, these styles maybe applied to twists, braids, locs, etc. as long as they're not too thick and are easy to manipulate!  These aren't the only styles you can do simply the ones I got around to trying. Hope you enjoy and if you try one of these styles please feel free to let me know in the comments below or @ me on instagram (BesosFeron) I'd love to see them!
Side part with the top pulled back; top middle bun with the rest down; all down wild and free!
Top knot Ninja bun
Front bang twisted to the side and pinned back
Middle crown pulled back in pony tail
Swooped to one side with flower accessory
Rolled and tucked the front with a side part and gathered into a low pony tail in back
Rock out with top roll over pompadour pulled back into a medium height ponytail
Feeling cute, swoop top layer to the side and secure in a pony tail or clip
Throw on a hat and get your Janet Jackson on
When that new growth starts popping out, throw on a beanie and keep it moving
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Besos, Feron