Happy Holidays Update!!

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays! The last thing I want to do is keep you all tied up too long by reading long blog post lol so I wanted to give you all a brief update and fill you in on what posts I'll have up for your enjoyment!!

If you are following me on instagram (BesosFeron) then you have seen this picture of my amazing results! As you all know, I ended my juice fast due to my allergic reaction from the citrus fruit. The bumps went away but left ugly, dark blemishes all over my face. Luckily, this happened around Black Friday and I wanted to try out L.A.C.E. Naturals products so I ordered three of the all natural hand made soaps to help with my problem! I had no idea the Australian Pink and French Green Tea Clay Soap would fade my blemishes so well! I read the description of the soap but you know I had to see for myself. Like the bentonite clay mask, the soap draws out the impurities from your skin and in doing so helped to fade my blemishes! It's like giving yourself a clay mask facial, but in a bar form. I highly recommend this soap and the others she offers. I also purchased the Oatmeal and Goat Milk Soap and it is the most gentle soap ever! After working out, I get bad heat rashes! I used the soap to shower and it instantly calmed my skin down! Again, if you are super sensitive like myself, this is another one to check out. I also purchased the Lemon Tea Soap but I'm so in love with the other two I haven't used it yet. I will do a separate review on all of my L.A.C.E. Naturals products when I have fully tested them all out but I am impressed and have since made a second purchase. If you're interested in this line of all natural homemade products please visit www.lacenatural.com

Hair Update: As you all know, I am in the middle of my protective styling challenge from Nov.1 - March 1. There is about 12 of us participating and we enjoy sharing our protective styles with one  another on instagram! I posted this picture to show how I'm caring for my current style which is a half wig. I flat braid or corn roll my hair back and I use a satin scarf as my wig cap. At night, I'm currently doing the baggy method with a "mystery" product! More details on that in the new year ;) and in the mornings I spray my hair with my L.A.C.E. Naturals Ayurvedic Hair & Scalp Mist!! Again, please check them out! I will give a full review on all of their products in the near future :)

Now, my weight loss update! I am a follower of the_oma_life and she is having a 21 day challenge called the Oma Challenge that I am participating in. This week has been bad for me as the evil "monthly gift" is here but I plan to go hard next week and to continue with the guideline outlined for the plan. Last week, which was week 1 I lost 3 pounds! I'm very happy with my results thus far and I will not beat myself up about this awful week I've been having with sticking strictly to the rules.

That's all for now and the next 2 or so blog posts will be "picture heavy" I don't want to bore you all during this fun, busy, and joyous time of the year! December curlBox, curlKit, and the ipsy myglam bag reviews will be up after Christmas! I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone still waiting on theirs to arrive and I'm waiting until Christmas to really get into them and use them :)

Besos, Feron