November curlBox Review

Curl-friends!! So sorry for the delay of this review! Holiday season is pretty busy with family and shopping and planning events! Any who I have had the opportunity to use the products that were included in this month's curlBox and I hope my review will be of some help to someone!! November's theme was "More Moisture" say sayonara to dry tresses & hello to super sexy soft hair!

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula deep conditioning Protein Pack
-I have used and reviewed this product previously! Prior to getting my protective style, Senegalese Twist, I used this as my protein treatment! Love it. I recommend it! For the full review, please see the product review posted on 10/18/12.

Elentee Soy Organics Waterless Shampoo & Hawaiian Silky Healing Oil Treatment
-I have not used these two sample packs but as soon as I do I will be sure to post an update with my review.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Ultra Shea Shampoo & Conditioner
- The shampoo does have sulfates in it but I have no problems using sulfates as I've stated before. However, this shampoo didn't deliver the same results as my Tresemme Naturals shampoo which also has sulfates. It did get my hair squeaky clean which is what I wanted after taking down my Senegalese twists but I found it to be a little too drying. If you are wanting to try this shampoo out, I suggest doing a hot oil treatment or some sort of pre-poo prior to using it. I did enjoy the smell and how it got rid of all the build up that was in my hair.The conditioner was OK for me. It didn't wow me or give me the slip or softness I was looking for. Again, the smell is great and I will probably add some oil to it if I finish it. I must say the sample sizes are large enough for 2 uses if you have short to medium length hair which is nice so you can really test the product out!

Curl Care by Dr. Miracles Strong Hold Gel
-This gel is amazing!! It claims to help hold curls for up to 12 hours! Well I'm not sure about that but I do know 7-8 hours later my twist out was still popping!! No frizz or swelling. The smell is great and the consistency is perfect!! Not too sticky and doesn't make your hair feel hard. The picture posted shows my hair when I first un-twisted it and then hours later how it still looks just as good as it did that morning! I highly recommend this product which should be in stores soon if it isn't already. 5 out of 5 stars and the smell is so nice!

nuNAAT Treatment Great for Curly Hair Leave-in
-This is another product that I absolutely love!!! I have 1 leave in that I've used from day 1 and that's the Kinky Curly Knot Today! I also used it to make the KimmayTube Leave in. This leave in is my new favorite! Now it doesn't pass Kinky curly but it is a close second! I have used it several times. I love the nutty smell and the consistency is not too watery or too heavy with butters and oils. I must let you all know it does contain mineral oil in so if you're gonna use it try to avoid your scalp. I avoid products that contain mineral oil but I have no problems with this leave-in! It is the perfect sealer of moisture! 5 stars and I also would recommend it. I loved it so much that I went to Wal-greens who happens to sell the nuNAAT keratin line and I purchased the deep conditioner that some of the curlBoxes had as one of their products! Yes! I'm hooked!

Well those are all the products from the November curlBox! I can't wait for the December one which will have **3 full sized products** OMG and the theme is to have you party ready for new years eve!! I've seen the behind the scenes on instagram of the cover shoot and it is fierce!! Till the next review:

Besos, Feron