Wash Day Routine

Hello Hello Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and is in good spirits! It's holiday season and I know you all are very busy as am I. I'm packing and getting ready to re-locate to Atlanta  as some of you know. If you're not, follow me on Instagram @BesosFeron for up to date updates. As the title says this post will be detailing my current washday routine. It may change but as of now this is what I do. 

Hot Oil Treatment  

Random oils are in this old bottle.
- I begin by dividing my hair into 4 sections. This makes it easier for me to apply the oil and to focus on my ends. I don't heat the oil up directly but rather fill a cup up with water and microwave it for about two minutes. I sit my bottle of oil in the cup for a few moments then begin applying it to my hair from ends to roots and massaging it in once I reach my scalp. 
- I don't think the type of oil matters too much and my mixture is never the same. I use what I have.  

Heat Cap
Old school heat cap from the 80's lol
- For a deeper penetration of the oils, I wrap my head with a plastic bag or plastic shower cap and sit under my heat cap for 30 min to an hour on medium heat. I've done this step for the past two months and will see if I get the same results with just wrapping a towel around my head. I want to keep heat down to a minimum or I may alternate wash days so I'm not using he heat cap every week going forward. 

- For this step I rinse my hair of the oils some then apply my shampoo to my scalp. I am not a co-washer because I have dermatitis and if my scalp doesn't get clean on a regular it will start itching and feeling tight and scaly. I focus on my scalp massaging it in well then give it a good rinse. I follow up with my rinse out conditioner and let that sit in my hair while I shower before rinsing with cool water. 

Deep Condition/Steamer
- I squeeze out as much water as I can and I then apply my deep conditioner to my hair. If I need protein, this would also be the time I do it. Depending on the product, I may or may not have to section my hair off to apply it. If it is really creamy and loose, I don't but if it is closer to a butter consistency, then I will put my hair in fours and apply it that way as to not over use the product. Once the product is applied I sit under my steamer for about 20 min and rinse my hair with cool water. 

Moisturize, seal, and set
- I keep my hair wrapped in my Turbie Twist to absorb as much water as I can. I prefer to set my hair on damp and not soaking wet hair. I clip my hair in sections and apply my leave in. Next I begin to finger detangle. Once the section is detangled, I apply an oil (castor oil at the moment) to seal with and then I use a cream with a cone in it. If you read my last post I mentioned I was going to introduce cones back into my regimen to help bind to my ends and prevent breakage. I only use this product once on wash day to keep product build up to a minimal. I am currently using Cantu Argan Oil repairing leave in conditioner. I finish with a butter and plait my hair. My hair stays in theses plaits for the majority of the week and on the weekends I wear my hair loose and the cycle continues. 
One way I plait my hair for the week

It may seem like a lot written out but it really isn't. I've noticed an improvement in my moisture retention and condition of my hair since I started doing the hot oil treatments and have noticed some improvement on breakage since adding cones back into my regimen. 

Do you have weekly routine? What do you do to combat breakage and dryness? 

Besos, Feron