Soultaniclas Product Review

As seen in my pre Black Friday haul, I ordered three items from Soultaniclas on the first week of their anniversary sale. Some of you may know where I'm going with this review but I will try to keep things as short and to the point as possible. No long rant but rather an explanation of my displeasure and try to end things on a positive note. Now, on with the review!

Knot Sauce Coil Detangler

- This product claims to be a nappilicious reinvention of a natural hair detangler. The smell reminds me of cake batter and it's super thick. You can turn it upside down and it won't move.  The consistency reminds me of a thick lotion or a butter cream. From the picture you can see I have used this product several times and my hair just doesn't like it. For the purposes of detangling, it has great slip but the product does not absorb into my hair. It just sits there and feels like I have a film sitting on top of my hair. I've tried it on freshly washed hair as a detangler and didn't like how it felt so I tried it on dry hair as a leave in refresher. My hair felt really hard and dry the next day. It did however give me great hold so if you have a similar problem, I suggest layering it over another leave in or moisturizing cream. While talking to my curl friend Sarah of Sarenzo Beads, she said it maybe due to the coconut oil why the product just seems to sit on my hair and suggests I give it another try when it warms back up. So for now, I don't like this product but will give it another go when it's warmer. Have any of you had a similar experience with this product? I swear everyone loves it but me. 

Marula-Muru Moisture Guru

- This product is supposed to be a deep moisturizing butter cream to provide maximum nourishment and is excellent to help lock in moisture. If you keep up with the brand on social media then you know those who ordered the first week of the anniversary received moisture guru that  was not of a butter cream consistency but rather a milky liquid. I emailed the company concerning this before they posted a response and I was not pleased with the response. Their reply was that due to the nature of hand made products, consistency can vary from batch to batch but this product should be more moisturizing than ever. Assuming I wasn't the only one unhappy, they posted that to remedy this issue you can re-purchase the moisture guru at a discounted price! Here's my thoughts about this and I'm done: knowing that there are several reviews on this product and that those who purchased it are expecting their product to be like the reviews, why would you think a jar of milk would be okay? I mean, I did try to find ways to use this product as a DC and as a leave in and my hair hated it and it was a sticky mess. My second point: why do I have to re-purchase a product to get what I should've gotten in the first place and pay more shipping? Refunds or replacement products are the only remedies I see that would make this situation right and make me want to re-purchase from them again but hey, things happen. Consistency is key. I tried to support a new brand and didn't have an enjoyable experience. Moving on!

Knappylicious Kink Drink
- This product is a spray nourishment for dry, thirsty strands and can be used prior to styling or as a perk up to a curly do. I really like this product. It smells wonderful like a fruity drink. I do find it very moisturizing and a great refresher spray. I must warn you that the liquid is brown in color and can drip and stain your clothes. Other than that, I have no issues with this product  and love how it sprays out in a mist. Great ingredients and great smell so I would highly recommend this product if you use liquid refreshers. 

That was my experience with Soultanicals. I think they have great branding and I like what they are doing but they just aren't for me. Maybe I'll try them again one day but I can't deal with taking another chance of an inconsistency issue. If a product is supposed to be a butter cream, I expect that. That's all. Don't let my review sway you from ordering from them, just be advised this could happen to you. 

"An informed consumer is the best way to hold businesses accountable for producing quality products." -Me 

Besos, Feron