WNHS 2015 Haul

I had the BEST time at the World Natural Hair Show this year! It was bigger, better, and the deals were great! Not to mention the timing just happened to be perfect for me and my refund lol. But, this post isn't about the show as I will do a video re-cap of that soon. This post is all about the products I snagged! I mean.. it seems like a lot (vets you all know I always start off with that) but the deals were too sweet to pass up such as 2 for $20 or the entire LottaBody line for $10!! Yes! So the following will be the products I picked up and yes I went both days and attended two other events out side of the hair show and which had some amazing swag bags. 

If you could do me a favor and list your top **3** brands in the comments you would like to see a review of, that'll help me make a list of what order to test/review which line in. Now before we get to the haul, I have more products which will be part of my everything else haul and based on what you want to see the most of between both hauls will be bumped up to the top of the list! Now onto the haul!! 

Shecentit (pre-WNHS)

Camille Rose

Mane Choice

Sunny Isle JBCO


Lotta Body

Toni Daley 

Mielle Organics

Soultanicals *Day 1*

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale 

**DAY 2 HAUL**

Bel Nouvo


Soultanicals Day 2


Well that's my haul! Not too bad! A lot of new products I've been hearing about that I've been wanting to try and see how they respond to my kinky, high porosity & dense hair! Remember to put your top 3 or just the top brand you're most curious about in the comments below and I'll start making my list! Thanks for supporting my blog and welcome new subscribers ^_^ Giveaway is currently going on my Instagram page! Follow me @BesosFeron for rules and details. Till next time

Besos, Feron :-*