Chrisette Michele's Pose 'N Post Symposium

"Do you wanna build your social media following and increase your online presence? Wanna meet the coolest influencers in your city and make new friends? Pose N Post Symposium is the tour for YOU!" -Chrisette Michele. 

When I read those three questions, I didn't hesitate for one second if I would or wouldn't be attending this tour when they stopped in Atlanta, Georgia. Location, date, price, non of those factors crossed my mind because I knew I would be there and this would be a great networking and learning experience for me. Due to the success of this 10 city tour, Chrisette Michele will be continuing on with a mid-west leg of the tour and I highly suggest anyone located and able to attend one of the events in a city near you, you should most definitely attend.

Monday April 13th was the last stop of the 10 city tour and I was in attendance on this day. The venue was B Loft and the set up was amazing. If you're following me on Instagram, as you should be, you know I'm an AKA *Skee Wee* and I love the color pink! It's my power color! The event was pink, pink, and more pink! The set up was very chic, classy, and trendy with beautiful displays of the most delicious cupcakes, sweets, and treats I've ever seen. Everything was so pretty you had to take a step back in awe and take it all in. Flowers and rose petals, diamond like stones and candles, and pink lighting set the scene for a glitz and glamours affair. Also, complimentary Moscato was being served and it was quite tasty. Sadly, being allergic to gluten had me wishing I had eaten before I came to the event. My choices were limited to only marshmallows and chocolate covered strawberries but I was so hungry I had to eat a cupcake/cake pop or two lol and deal with the damage later. 

Chrisette led the event as facilitator along with her guest panelist including: Courtney Adeleye, founder of The Mane Choice; Ambrosia Malbrough; and Fash (Lover4_Fashion). These ladies shared tips and insights on growing your media presence, best apps to use, the importance of being genuine, and ways to tweak your craft and stay hungry. The following is my video recap of some of the great advice that was given from all of the ladies.

Now I went to the event alone but I left with like 8 new friends!!! Chrisette was really big on us getting to know one another, networking, and supporting one another. One instance, she paused the event and wanted us to exchange Instagram pages with someone we didn't know or had not met/spoken to as of that time. The next example happened at the end of the event. In order to get a picture with her and the panelists, you had to have a partner but the catch was only one of you would supply your phone so you had to exchange phone numbers and information so the other person could have a copy of the picture as well. I had no problem with this as I had already made 4 new friends while standing in line waiting to be let in. One turned out to be a Soror of mine, hey Alex! She has her own handmade jewelry line so check her out on Instagram @Abattistejco. My partner for the picture happens to have an online Vintage Boutique and accompanying blog. How cool is that! Her name is Cristi and check out her boutique page on Instagram @NouxRejekts or the boutique at Hey partner!!! lol 

I must say I really enjoyed this event. My only gripe is parking for this venue was not the best and it was pouring raining when it was over so I'm glad I was smart and took the heels off and rocked the flats! Comfort over beauty ha. Hope you all enjoyed the video recap and I'll close with the main points the ladies were trying to get across:

*Being consistent is the number one thing
*Take the time to connect and engage with your audience
*Continuity gives feeling or a sense of who you are and what you or your brand represents
*Create a sense of trust by being sincere and honest from the beginning 
*Listen to your audience and use analytics to see what they like yet remain true to yourself
*Block & Delete; no tolerance for negativity 
*Learn your demographic and market to them
*Share without sharing too much; professionalism while keeping it real.

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Besos, Feron