Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book

I have had the pleasure to get a sneak peak and interview the creator of the Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book. I was more than thrilled when she asked me would I be interested in collaborating to help spread the word of their new business venture. Now I personally like the idea but I wanted to do some research on my own to get others opinions. I was given four sample pictures and without telling them my involvement, I let some of my co-workers who either have natural kids or are close to some natural kids look at the sample coloring book pictures. They all were really impressed and thought it was a great idea for the little girls to have a coloring book that actually featured characters that looked like them! 
Now, I know what you're thinking.. of course the moms/adult figures are all for it because when we were growing up, there was nothing like this for us. So, I decided to ask an expert who is growing up with some (better than non) representations of characters that look like her. 

My seven year old niece Brianna really enlightened me. I first showed her the pictures and asked her which ones she liked the best. The following two pictures are the ones she chose.
If you notice, the mermaid is rocking a TWA (teeny weeny Afro) and not the typical long locks all mermaids seem to have. I asked my niece did it bother her that her hair was short and she said, "no she's still pretty and a mermaid!" So that right there shows that the images we have been fed that all mermaids have super long straight or wavy hair doesn't make them any more beautiful in a child's eyes. 

The second picture she really liked featured a girl wearing a tutu like skirt and her hair was in two strand twists, which happens to be the style my niece had her hair in. I asked her what did she think of the girls hair, she said she liked it and it was very pretty. 

One of my co-workers gave the pictures to her daughter and here is what they had to say about them: 
My daughter’s first impression of the coloring book pages: She said “Wow, she looks just like me, Mommy. She took them to her school and several of her classmates begged her all day just to have any one of the sheets.  I think they all felt excited to see kids who looked just like them. As a mom of two, it is great to have others who value promoting natural hair and uplifting the self-esteems of our young girls.

Research aside, lets hear from Kira Byrd herself as she discuses the coloring book, what makes it unique, and how it came about in this short Q&A I conducted with her:

1.    Introduce yourself!

Whats up!? Im Kira. The author and co-blogger of Curl Centric.
Im the naturalista you meet in the beauty supply store that is probably more excited about your natural hair journey than you are! Its all because I want you to win in journey and love the hair you have.

2. Briefly tell us your natural hair journey.

I transitioned mentally before I ever stopped relaxing my hair. I helped my daughter transitioned to her natural hair back in 2005-2006, before the online natural hair communities. It truly felt like us against the world. As I helped guide and support her journey, I realized that she needed more. She needed to see, daily, how to manage and accept her natural hair. So, in 2007 I decided to transition physically to be a role model for her. I transitioned for about 16 months before big chopping. I needed enough hair to make a pony tail. It has been an experience of growth, personal realization, product hoarding, coming to grips that I am styled challenged, redefining beauty and just realizing there is nothing wrong with my hair.

3. What or who is Curl Centric and what do you do/represent?

Curl Centric is a Natural hair Blog & being Curl Centric is accepting your natural hair and being unapologetic about it! Its about looking in the mirror and loving what and who you see. Being Curl Centric is about redefining the term beautiful to make sure it includes characteristics that you and your hair embody.

4. Why did you decide to make a coloring book featuring natural haired girls?

My youngest daughter is the inspiration behind the coloring book. When the idea of the coloring book first came up, I wanted to surround my daughter with images that were relevant and relate-able to her. I wanted her to have something to help her see natural hair in a positive way. Because she is so crafty and creative, a coloring book was fitting for her.

How much thought went into the image selection process? I would say a lot of thought went into the image creation. I dont draw well. My stick people are laughable! I knew what I saw in my mind and the struggle was getting it out of my mind and on paper. Finding an illustrator that was gifted in that they would understand my verbal vision, concept and my direction and actually draw it on paper was purely divine!

Was this a hands on project? I would say it was very involved and had to be well managed to make sure deadline and goals were met but most of all that the images that were created embodied the look and feel I wanted the coloring book to have. 

5. What makes your coloring book different from others?

The characters of Curly Kids Coloring book are relate-able. Little girls look at the characters and find the character that they feel look like them. They are so excited and charged that a character in a book looks like them and has hair like theirs. It is all because the girls actually relate to the images.

6. When and where can we get a copy of the coloring book?

The Curly Kids Coloring Book is available now on Amazon! Check it out here: Purchase Here
7. Why should we purchase your coloring book?

Curly Kids Coloring Book is a  visual tool that will help illustrate the beauty of naturally textured hair. It is a conversation starter when you cant find the right words to express your thought and it is something that is relate-able. Everyone needs a tool that celebrates who they are and allows them to be comfortable in their own skin and with their hair.

8. Finally, what's next for Curl Centric?

We are so excited about the response and support we have received with the Curly Kids Coloring Book. So we are going to definitely look at avenues to expand and grow that market.

There you have it! A 30 page coloring book featuring natural hair girls shown in positive and typical cartoon roles you wouldn't normally see them in. Please check out CurlCentric which is a very beautiful and super informative blog and you can purchase the coloring book on Amazon here Curly Kids Coloring Book for $5.99. I plan on ordering one for my niece and I know she'll love it! 

Hope you ladies enjoyed this review/interview and will pick up a copy of the Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book that stands out from other books on the market. Let me know if you pick it up and tag me on Instagram @BesosFeron or tag @CurlCentric so they can see how happy the book is making your little girls feel. 

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