Sarenzo Bath & Body April Bag & Haul

I know what you're thinking... another subscription? How many are you subscribed to? Well, I am subscribed to four but this one is bi-monthly so I'll say 3 1/2! Sarenzo Bath & Body Bag is  a bi-monthly subscription for $20. Included will be a minimum of 7 samples of their new products and or scents. Also, you will receive a coupon code for $10 off your next purchase. The samples are all a good size so you can have an adequate amount to sample the product and see if you would like to purchase the full size of whatever you love! When I first discovered Sarenzo had a subscription to try out their new products, I didn't hesitate to subscribe! This is a really good value and different from my other subscriptions. The following link is  to an un-bagging video by Sarah, madam founder of Sarenzo Bath & Body of what is included in the April bag! 

April Bath & Body Bag

The items that were to be included in the bag are listed on the website so it's not like it would be a surprise or luck of the draw. To subscribe, visit and click on the subscriptions tab at the top. June will be the next bag and the theme is getting ready for summer!

The bag of goodies comes wrapped in a cute bag but I was so excited to get into it I ripped it open before taking a picture! I have tried a few of the products and here is what I think about them:

Chocolate Goat & Oat Milk Cream in Chocolate Nut Brownie 
The first thing you notice about this cream is the smell! It smells incredible and will make you hungry for chocolate for all the chocoholics out there! The consistency is of a heavy cream. If you turn it upside down, it's not moving and absorbs well into your skin. The fragrance has staying power and you will still smell it well into the next day. My only issue with it is the smell  can be overbearing and when I first applied it, I had a sneezing fit. Once the smell dies down, it's cool so I suggest being light handed with it if you have sneezing fits like I do. Final thoughts, I would get the cream but not in this fragrance. 

Chamomile & Oatmeal Moisturizer in Honey Nut
The consistency of this item is light and creamy like a lotion or your favorite moisturizer. I really like this fragrance and did not find it to be overbearing and it did not make me sneeze. I used it after washing off a clay wash which will be listed in the haul portion. Can I just say, that's a bad combo!! The chamomile is so soothing and moisturizing and felt amazing on my face. I can see this being my new nightly moisturizer or daily if I'm wearing some BB Cream with SPF in it or anything with SPF in it :) I will be getting the full size of this moisturizer.

Warm Apple Fritter Solid Lotion Bar 
I am on the fence with this one. I love the warm apple fritter fragrance but I'm not sure if I'm using it right. I will try it right after a shower and rub it on because it just seems sticky to me rubbing it on my dry arm and I don't like holding the bar. Maybe if it were in a tube or something but I don't like the sticky feel on my fingers while trying to apply it. Final thoughts, I will use it on damp skin after showering and will hold it in the bag so I'm not touching it with my hands.

Lajay Bar
It is hard to describe the fragrance of this soap but it has a nice warm scent to it. I maybe smelling the cocoa butter. This soap is very mild and as the name suggests, its a bar for your lady parts! No complaints here; I will continue to use it and see if anything changes with continued use. 

Chamomile & Oatmeal Bath Milk / Sugar Short Bread Bath Truffle
I was chatting with one of my swap sistahs explaining I'm so not a bath person. I had a bad experience with a bubble bath and the lady parts were screaming at me! Believe me, it was not very pleasant so I've been a shower girl ever since. Now the ingredients of these two products have me intrigued so I'm going to try and work up the nerve to give them a try! Who knows, maybe I'll be converted into a bath person.... maybe *side eye* 

The final two products included were a lip scrub and lip butter! I'm definitely going to make good use out of them! They smell amazing and are all natural with great ingredients. 

I went to bed with the fan on and left my lips wet so they would be all dry and chapped in the morning. I like to be extreme with my product testing lol. The picture shows the before & after using the lip scrub and lip butter! I was licking my lips while the scrub was on; it tastes so good and then the lip butter is really nice and absorbed into my lips on contact! I am very impressed and will purchase the set in a different flavor to switch up!

Last, I would like to share my Sarenzo Bath & Body Haul! I haven't used anything pictured below but the Oatmeal & Honey Bentonite Clay Mask on my face! This is my second mask I've ordered and I think I like this one best! It's so soothing, non irritating, and left my skin baby soft. It also helped to shrink and dry up some break outs I had! It's allergy season and the pollen and the grass are not my friends. Being outside too long, I break out in hives so I may be using this clay mask on my arms and legs as well!

Hope this review wasn't too long or a bore! To me, the subscription is a great value if you are looking for a way to sample new bath and body products! If you haven't heard of Sarenzo Bath & Body, well now you have! Oh and I have to do a shameless plug lol, I am now an affiliate of Sarenzo Bath & Body! At check out, select my name (Feron)  as an affiliate so she knows I sent you or use my code FF10 to get 10% off your order; can't be combined with any other codes and is for purchases only! Thanks so much! 

Besos, Feron