Presenting Natural Hair Box Review

I am so happy and honored to have been approached to review Natural Hair Box, a new subscription service of natural hair products and beauty accessories. First, I was sent this box to review and as always there will be no fluff or bias, just straight to the point honesty. Now that's out of the way, here is a little information about Natural Hair Box. 

Natural Hair Box is a monthly subscription for $29.99 a month; all major credit cards accepted. This is a re-occuring subscription so you will be charged monthly and you can't skip a month. All orders must be placed by the 15th of the preceding month to get the upcoming month's box. The company aims to included 5 natural products that are at least 4 ounces in size; some will be more or less but that is the goal. Boxes will be shipped out the first full week of the month and subscriptions are taken at anytime until they are gone. For more information or to subscribe, visit or check out the fan page at 

April Natural Hair Box

My first impression of the box before opening it: I was liking how on all sides of the box it listed the websites, twitter account, and Facebook pages associated. There is no way you won't know where to find them. Opening the box, I was impressed with the presentation. Presentation is a big part of your perception of a product or service and I liked how it was neatly packaged as if you were to open a gift set. Two of the products included were taped or sealed and I always appreciate that extra attention. 

First impressions of the product selections are good. I have heard of three of the brands and have been wanting to try them and am happy to have the opportunity to do so. Besides the products, business cards and descriptive cards from the companies were also included. Please note there was no card or brochure with a list of the products provided but I emailed the founder, Jael Byrd, who said there will be a section on the website that will have all product information and websites listed. 

Products Included

Bake Shop Butters in Lemon Cake
Naturalista Juicy Leave In Conditioner

authenticality company total moisture styling butter
CC's Naturals Hibiscus Leave-in Conditioner
Sincere-ly Naturale Apothecary Deluxe Butter-Laiche Cream in strawberried coconut

Jamberry nail shield (just 1)

Butter bar with coffee beans made by Jael Byrd as a thank you!!

I plan on using all products featured except the authenticality company styling butter. It smells like loud coffee! And not like the nice smelling coffee that reminds you of cocoa... it instantly made my head hurt when I opened it to smell it. 

Overall, I like that I can tell thought went into the product selection as in avoiding products that contain the "no-no" ingredients. I do think the website needs more oomph! There is a FAQ and their vision statement but other than that, it doesn't go into detail as to what companies they have on board? What can we expect? I did notice there wasn't much advertisement or as much as other boxes but I appreciate that. A soft launch is better than having a hyped up one that just leads to a lot of disappointed subscribers! I fell into the hype with another subscription service and all I can do is smh but I got my money back so moving along.

Another area that I can see as a disadvantage would be the price. $29.99 a month is significantly higher than the other natural hair subscriptions so justifying that price point maybe an area that keeps naturals from subscribing. From this box, the brands included are phenomenal but placing a retail value on samples/deluxe samples is hard to do. My budget, unemployed dependent on parents, won't allow me to pick up any more subscriptions so I can understand how price point can play a significant role in your decision. But, you get what you pay for so if you can afford it why not pay a little more for a subscription with a great selection of products! And, they are open to feedback and cater to their subscribers which is always a plus! I love open communication with the founders it makes you feel apart of a community! 

I will use and review the products but they may just be mini reviews on Instagram (BesosFeron). Thank you Jael so much for allowing me to review the first natural hair box! Are any of you subscribed to this subscription? Why did you subscribe and what attracted you to it? 

Besos, Feron