My Maximum Hydration Method Experience

There has been some buzz in the natural hair community about a new "method" or regimen that promises to transform low porosity dry 4C hair into hydrated, easier to manage hair without the frizz. Now I am high porosity 4A but I do have issues with dryness from time to time so I decided to look into this method. I read about it on various blog sites such as and and completely dismissed it as it is a very tedious process. I will not go over every detail of the routine here but if you would like to do your own research on it you may do so by visiting the website here: Max Hydration Method 

After going on Instagram and YouTube and seeing the amazing results of the ladies who have taken the 7 day challenge and or are following the method, curiosity got the better of me and I decided I wanted to take the plunge and give it a try. In the following video, msdeekay2012 explains what the Maximum Hydration Method is in detail so feel free to watch as I will only be giving you my review and results from following the regimen:

Day 1 

I followed the entire regimen from start to finish including the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment. The gel I used from the approved list of gels was the Giovanni's L.A. Natural Styling Gel. For my leave in, I used some watered down crece pelo, which I also used as my co-wash/deep conditioner. Once I was finished shingling the product through my hair I put it in chunky twists in hopes it would stretch my hair out and preserve the definition. 

Morning-Day 1
My hair looked a fluffy, dry, mess!!! Not only that, but I had white flakes or particles in my hair which I believe was from the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment that was very messy and hard to wash out. I know I didn't use enough gel as my hair lost all definition I had achieved the night before. I was wary of using too much gel due to the size and price of the gel. 

Day 2 

I followed the regimen again from step 1-5 but I used the baking soda mix to clarify with. This time for my gel I used some of my home made flax-seed gel following Naptural85's recipe. The gel came out alright but looking at her more recent video I know now I didn't make it thick enough as it did not have enough hold to keep my hair defined. Again, I put my hair in chunky twists to try and stretch it out some and went to bed.

Morning-Day 2
There was no definition as the flax-seed gel did not have enough hold. My hair looked dry again and took the shape from the twists. To prevent from going to work with my hair looking a mess again, I pulled my hair up in a puff and grabbed my favorite Eco Styler gel Krystal and shingled it through the ends of my puff and had a great wash-n-go puff with the definition I desired. 

Day 3-4

I gave up on trying to put my hair in twists at night and slept with the clay wash still in my hair. I got up and rinsed it out, used a leave in and shingled my hair with a gel. I gave the Giovanni gel another try, this time ensuring I used enough to where my hair felt slippery before smoothing it through. If you notice, I don't wear my hair down in a wash-n-go as I have extreme shrinkage. My hair shrinks up to a twa so wearing it in a puff is idea for me. 

***SKIPPED 2 DAYS*** Day 5 & 6 would've been completed that Saturday & Sunday of the week but it was the weekend and doing my hair 4 days in a row was pretty good for me! I was exhausted and didn't have the time to be bothered. 

Day 5-7

I completed the last 3 days of the challenge and continued to use my Eco Styler gel as my styler. It is not on the approved list as a precaution of protein overload but with all the moisture my hair was getting, a little protein was not going to hurt Zoe. By the end of day 7 routine I could really tell my hair was beginning to reach maximum hydration. It felt really soft and super moisturized. My hair was much more manageable and easier to detangle. Reaching max hydration however, would takes weeks from how my curls looked with no product. 

Per the creator of the method, you'll know you've reached max hydration when you have curl definition from root to tip with no product added. Of course the temperature began to drop and my throat started to feel scratchy. I started getting tired of the same look every day, going to bed with my hair wet or my hair being wet all day, and the time and effort needed to complete the regimen. I was going to follow the method twice  a week but that turned to once a week to not at all. My hair was starting to feel too soft and mushy which meant I needed to do a protein treatment fast! Since my protein treatment, I've been keeping my hair flat twisted to my head in a protective style until I press it out next week for my 3 year naturalversary!!! 

Sum it all up

Will I ever get back on this regimen... maybe next summer when having a wet head all day shouldn't cause any problems. Also, I like versatility too much to wear my hair the same way everyday. And, lets not forget I experienced moisture overload! I was always tired with no energy and no after-work life because I had to rush home to get started on my hair! These will all be taken into consideration if I get back on the method on a regular basis. Everything isn't for everyone but this method has done wonders for other naturals such as my co-worker who I talked into doing the 7 day challenge with me. The best thing I got from doing this method is how much easier my hair is to detangle, reduced shedding, and how well it holds in moisture. For now, I will stick with what I've been doing as I prepare for protective styling season. I was asked by a curl friend if I could think of ways to modify or shorten the regimen and still achieve the same results over time and here is what I came up with:
Modifications- first, clarify bi-weekly or as needed; second, follow steps 2-5 once every 2-3 days or at least twice a week; third, sleep with the clay wash in and rinse it out in the morning and style your wash n go at that time. 

Will you take the Maximum Hydration Method Challenge? Could you keep it up or fit it into your schedule? Thoughts or questions leave them below!

Besos, Feron