World Natural Hair Show 2014 Prep & Discount Code

The time has come... less than a month and counting until the 17th Annual World Natural Hair Show held April 26-27th. I went to my first WNHS last year and I was not as prepared as I thought I was. I have put together a short list of things that I think will help you all prepare for the show if this will be your first time attending or if you're just interested in hearing what I'll be doing to ready myself!! Yes you heard me it's that serious! Never come between a product junkie and her potential items to add to her stash ;)  I also included a discount code I found on Youtube so make sure to use it when purchasing your ticket! 

First, a brief introduction of what the hair show is all about. Check out this video from 2013:

Now that you know what it's all about, here are my tips on prepping for the event

1. Bring a tote bag in addition to your purse to hold your haul in. My purse got in my way last year so I'm in search for the perfect cross body! There are so many vendors and products to choose from and if you don't have anything to carry them in, you won't have a productive day! I noticed some ladies who were going HARD had rolling suitcases to haul away their items.. now I'm not sure how much you're planning on buying but a tote bag should be good. I paid $2 for the one I used last year as seen in the picture and it was plenty big enough to carry all my stash.

2. Bring Cash! Some of the vendors as you get further towards the back & middle of the convention center are unable to use their credit card machines because of lack of service. You'll also notice in certain areas you can't get cell phone reception so thats a indication those vendors probably will only accept cash.

3. Plan a meet up spot! If you are meeting up with many curl friends as I am planning to do again tis year, have a spot and time to meet up as the cell phone service in the convention hall is not the best! I remember trying to meet up with my friend B from NYC and it took us almost 30 min to finally find one another because we couldn't hear one another or our calls kept getting dropped. 

4. Wear comfy shoes! Let me put it this way, you'll be doing a lot of walking, standing, and waiting in long lines, and maneuvering through crowds of people. Don't hurt yourself by trying to be extra! Wear some flats or whatever is  comfortable to walk in for you. Be casually cute! There is no where to sit and take a break unless you go outside. There is a small sitting area in the very back and at some of the exhibits but expect to be standing. 

5. Bring a snack! I was running off of pure adrenaline last year! I didn't eat a thing the entire time I was there I too excited t will all the products! I also have food allergies so there was nothing for me to buy and eat while I was there (allergic to gluten and nuts). This year I will have some gluten free snacks with me and maybe a water bottle if I am able to bring it in.

6. Research the Vendor list! This is one of the most important tips of them all! Do not go to the show blindly not knowing anything about the vendors or products that will be there or you'll have no clue where to start, who to hit up first and you'll end up buying a lot of things you thought you would like but don't or won't get anything that you really wanted. I had a list of the vendors I wanted to stop by and what products of theirs I had  to have on my to buy/wish list. I suggest hitting up your top vendors first incase they sell out. The following link will give you a list of invited/expected to attend vendors: 

7. Buy your ticket online! You do not want to be in the line for people trying to purchase their ticket! As with most places, there is a limit on how many people can go in at one time so those who purchased their ticket online get priority! Remember to have a picture ID when getting your wristband to go into the convention area. Use one of the codes below before purchasing your ticket. The discount code comes from youtuber Rayann410; check her out. 
Tickets can be purchased at this link: WNHS Tickets

Those are all the tips I have! If you're going to take pictures or video remember to charge everything the night before or bring back up batteries/portable charger. Hope to see you there I'd love to meet you all! Comment below or on this post on Instagram (that would be best) so I can look for you and possibly meet up with you! Have a happy WNHs!

Besos, Feron :-*